Sam Allardyce Withdrawn Roz Was A Tactical Change

December 23 21:37 2007 Print This Article

Big Sam (still) said today after the Derby match we are on a run because we are (still) undefeated, in one of the most disgraceful game we ever played this season at home. Without wanting to start the pressure again, I’m feel embarassed by the way we play these days.

Sam also said we were lucky to have several injured defenders returning to the squad, and that will give Newcastle United more defensive options for the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Today we have Claudio Cacapa and David Rozehnal began as United’s central defensive pairing. Unfortunately, we are still suffering an early goals in both first and second half, and today it was Rozehnal who was taken off and replaced by Steven Taylor before the hour mark.

If the last time it’s Cacapa who was being off after just 17 minutes of play in second half because he is having a hamstring injury, this time Allardyce said there’s no injury problem to Roz but he’s bring on Taylor as a tactical change to handle Derby’s aerial ability.

“There’s no injury to David. It was a tactical change. I thought we needed a bit more aerial power to cope with Steven Howard and his threat. It was their first point of attack.” Big Sam added, as quoted from the official site, “The defensive problem has cropped up again – but we’ve got more options available in defence.”

Allardyce also said he was relieved that United finally grabbed another late goal but this time no win but it’s just for an embarassing equaliser.

Newcastle failed to taking the advantage of playing at home against bottom-of-the-table Rams. For them two goals against us added their away goals tally up to three. The first one is when they scores against Manchester United.

“We are very disappointed, “said Big Sam, “but we are on a run because we are undefeated. We should have beaten Derby and it’s our own fault all together that we didn’t.”

“We know we should have won this game but we haven’t lost it and now we have to go forward with our undefeated run.”

Realistic or not, we are still far away from being a good solid team each week. Although we won any, we are still have some problems to deal with. The defence still need more attention and if we are playing like this the other night we take on Arsenal, we are buried deep.

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