Newcastle United vs Portsmouth – Postmortem

November 03 14:10 2007 Print This Article

Humiliated, disgusting, mismanaged, and more other bad words for Newcastle United appearance today. I was used to be calm wahtever the result is, but definetely not today.

This is for the second time we have game where none of the goals came in from our players.

Both Reading and Portsmouth game was generous enough to give a goal each for us. This is really unacceptable for a team like Newcastle United. Howay maaann, This is NEWCASTLE UNITED!!!

It seems that Big Sam has got no clue to deal with this team or having a back-up plan already when the first plan was not working. I would love to see what Mike Ashley reaction after seeing this kind of performance.

From an eyewitness report, cold eye impression is that our players look confused, frightened and lacking in ideas. We now have contrived to look even more crap than any team served up by Daglish, Gullit, Souness or Roeder. Zog and Milner looked lost in different positions yet our master tactician appeared to be oblivious.

After today, we will have the derby match against the macKems, AWAY…, and then Liverpool home, Blackburn away, and Arsenal at home to come next.

It’s interesting to see what the results are will be, if we don’t see any progress then we will have new boss in January, no doubt about it. Sorry Big Al, we cannot give more time for a crap like this, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to wait until we are in the relegation battle, which is to believe as the place where we are from today’s performance.

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  1. shearyadi
    November 04, 03:34 #1 shearyadi

    Agree with you toon_mad, and i think the worst thing to happened for Big Sam is next week fixture against mackems. If he did not shows any improvement or get lost again, I don’t think he will be the manager for our Liverpool game.

  2. toon_mad
    November 03, 16:34 #2 toon_mad

    shocken man, thought sammy was the man. need to keep playin obagoal, get rid of owen, berbatov in, we need top half finish this season then defo fight for top 6 easy next season.

    sort it out sam or get oot

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