Newcastle United Needs More Attitude and Magnitude

November 12 07:25 2007 Print This Article

The man who is happy the most and even more than Sam Allardyce for the last Tyne-Wear derby is probably James Milner. Although he didn’t make it as a goal winning strikes, but it’s enough to make everyone happier at the visitors end. He makes Mike Ashley get-up from his seat and dancing to celebrate the equalizing goal.

“It was great to score in a game of this magnitude,” said Milner. “It was one of those where I aimed to hit it towards the far post, if someone had got a touch, great, but it was even better for me they didn’t and it sneaks in.”

He also mentioned that the goal process was not important, whether he intends to cross it or just shoot it on goal. He added: “I don’t care if people think it was a cross or a shot. I was just putting it into a dangerous area and we work on that the whole time in training.”

Ok, no problem Milner, we thank you for that goal anyway and we also don’t care it was a cross or a shot. But, I’m interested in your statement about ‘game of this magnitude’. I was wondering what it would be if every Premiership games home or away was being treated just the same ‘magnitude’ as the derby game.

Milner has praised the Newcastle United’s defiant display of grit and determination at the Stadium of Sh*te, and now the fans would demands the same display of grit and determination for the rest of Newcastle United fixtures until next summer.

“We’re over the blip, we’ve steadied the ship,” said Allardyce “We’re going okay, although football managers are never satisfied. We’ve had a rough time. But we’ve come back and not allowed it to escalate. This will help to lift spirits.”

He admits that he was content to have drawn at Stadium of Sh*te, as quoted from the Journal “Good defensive play in the Premier League doesn’t happen overnight when you’ve got new players,” added a manager determined to eradicate the errors undermining his efforts.

“We’re working on them as a unit and as individuals and they’ll get better. The mistake we made might have cost us this game and it’s something that we’ve got to overcome.”

I agree, and it was the next thing to do for Big Sam is to rebuild the lads attitude for the next upcoming fixtures. Newcastle’s forthcoming fixtures are difficult ones, with the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Blackburn coming-up next, Allardyce is must be able to maintained the lads performance and confidence.

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