Kevin Keegan quit again….and Newcastle United future is in darkness

September 04 14:24 2008 Print This Article

I’m speechless and write this post in tears (again) after the same tears were hit me on the first time he’s leaving the club that he and we are all love together so much. So what we’re going to do now? Are we still the same after today and what are we going to do on the next Toon match against Hull?

Mungo has write a good point of his resume during the eight months of Kevin Keegan time with us, and I said thank you so much for his great article below. I hope the Toon Army will keep stick together…

My consistent views over the past eight months under KK (21 games):

  1. I didn’t want KK appointed. He was about 10-20th choice on my list.
  2. When appointed, I accepted it and got behind him 100%. As I have always done with every manager of NUFC since my first one in Joe Harvey.
  3. I forecast (as did others) that it would all end in tears. I predict that we are/were never going to win anything in my remaining lifetime and KK’s end of reign was always going to be either via the sack or by him quitting (am I allowed to say he quit?) His end was never going to be on a high on the back of winning a trophy in my opinion.
  4. This week I have prayed that he would stay. My heart said he would, my head feared otherwise. Today it was decided and he’s gone.
  5. I ask myself (and others have asked me) “what will you do if KK goes”? My answer has always been the same in that “I’ll be at the next match supporting the lads on the pitch”. To borrow a cliche usually reserved only for funerals, “its what Kevin would have wanted and would expect from me”.
  6. I will decide in my own time how I will ‘protest’ but it will definitely not be by staying away from SJP. That might be easy to say for all you folk living on the continent who never attend on a regular basis and those UK fans who don’t own season tickets but that isn’t the answer for me and I suspect other regular attendees. To bawl my displeasure to the Directors Box (which I sit next to) will have more effect and give me more pleasure than staying away ever would.
  7. I urge all season ticket holders to do the same and attend the Hull match to get behind the lads on the pitch whilst voicing your displeasure to the hierarchy off it.
  8. The King is dead. Long live the king.


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