I Was Too Bloody Serious, Time to Relax a Little

March 12 04:18 2008 Print This Article

Seriously though, the Toon Army have been reacting too seriously about the thick of a relegation battle. We are just not in a good run, and if I may asking you when we have the most enjoyable season since the first time KK leave?

I also think that I’m becoming too serious since start writing this blog, and it shouldn’t always be that way, at least for the moment. Now it’s time to take-off the gas a little bit and get relax. We still have time before the nerves are beginning to stretched out again next Monday night.

Today, I also want to say that I’m thrilled by the fact that this wacky Newcastle United blog has inspired other blogger to create a new site which is discussing about the British speak. And for a return of favor, the blog owner id which is Relax Max makes me think that I was being too serious on this blog, and need more relaxing post for a while.

Alright Max, to answer your request of football chants, here are some of the famous NUFC football chants. Mind you, some of them are very vulgar one (or at least to our opposite supporters). If you need more of our football chants and other Premier league team has, fanchants.com is the best place to look for.

  1. Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!
  2. Theres only one Kevin Keegan….
    Theres only one Kevin Keegan!
    Sam got the sack. We got Kev back.
    Walking in a King Kev wonderland!
  3. Newcastle United,
    (clap clap clap clap)
    newcastle united fc,
    your by far the greatest team,
    the worlds ever seen.
  4. We’ve traveled far and wide,
    weve been to merseyside,
    but ther is no place where id rather be,
    thats in the leazes end,
    where geordies never end,
    and mackem s**m
    they all lie d**d at our feet.
  5. We are the Geordies.
    The Geordie Bootboys.
    Oh we are mental.
    Oh we are mad.
    We are the loyalist,
    football supporters the world has ever had.
  6. We are the Geordies,
    the Cock O’ The North.
    We all hate Sunderland and Boro of course.
    We all drink whiskey and Newcastle Brown.
    The Geordies boys are in town!
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