Here We Go Again, May the Best Team Win!

November 10 06:23 2007 Print This Article

In Big Sam I do trust,
In Kelly Brook I’d love to thrust,
Today we all must unite,
For the rightful cause that is Black & White,
Please God give us a random hero,
Like Nik the Greek or Andy & Liam O’
The mackems think its a home banker,
Forgetting that in charge they have a dog wanker,
The pikey who once shit himself when faced with King Al,
Now jerks off his hound after feeding it Pal.

– Poetry by Mungo

Today is the day, when the force of Black-and-Whites Army will once again do the task to be the best team in North East. Sam Allardyce must have done all the best he can for this match, and he will not gambling again which can resulted his job at Newcastle.

According to Kevin Ball, the macKems ex-captain and care taker manager, some of the genuine Newcastle and sunderland supporters are delighted to see the two teams facing each other once again in the Premiership match.

“I know there’s plenty of people in the North-East who support Sunderland, hate Newcastle and vice-versa but there are a lot as well who are genuine Sunderland and Newcastle supporters who just want to see the local teams do well, so you have got to put it into perspective,” he said as quoted from the Journal.

Meanwhile, ex-Newcastle player Michael Chopra said he will be delighted if he can scores against his home-twon club, the club who rises him to be what he is now. The same player where just 19 months ago have an equalizer for Newcastle at the Stadium of Sh*te, and his goal celebration would be something that many sunderland fans could not forget.

“He epitomised what good goalscorers are about,” said Kevin Ball, the Black Cats care-taker, “Michael gambled, the keeper (Kelvin Davies) came and called for it, Steve Caldwell left it, and he (Davies) should have come and cleaned Chops out. But he hesitated and the ball was in the net.”

It remains to be seen what reception Chopra will receives from the Toon Army, if he is to be seen scoring for sunderland, but from my own perspective no matter what, the Toon defenders should not allowed anyone with red-and-white to come near the six yards box. All the midfielders should guard their territory and destroy every moves from the enemy.

May the force be with all Black-and-Whites! Howay the Lads!!!


April 17, 2006: Sunderland 1 (Hoyte 32), Newcastle United 4 (Chopra 60, Shearer 61pen, N’Zogbia 66, Luque 87)

April 26, 2003: Sunderland 0, Newcastle United 1 (Solano 43pen)

February 24, 2002: Sunderland 0, Newcastle United 1 (Dabizas 64)

April 21, 2001: Sunderland 1 (Carteron 67), Newcastle United 1 (O’Brien 78)

February 5, 2000: Sunderland 2 (Phillips 22, 82), Newcastle United 2 (Domi 11, Helder 21)

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