Would There Be Any Manager To Have Success at Newcastle?

January 04 03:52 2008 Print This Article

People can list names of managers who have delivered instant success at clubs, or alternatively taken over at title winning clubs and winning more titles. But this isn’t a position we’re in. We need someone who knows how to build year upon year in the premier league.

And who DOES have ‘experience’ of what it takes to make NUFC successful?

I’m afraid 7th place and a Uefa cup spot would be an acceptable destination (this season). We’re not a top 4 club by rights and I’ll be over the moon if anyone manages to establish us firmly as a top 7 club in the next 3 years. Only then can you even consider breaking back into the top 4.

The difference between what Allardyce did over many years at Bolton and what he should be able to do here is financial. The one time he was allowed to spend a bit of money he signed Anelka. Arguably the most talented striker in the Premier League as we speak.

Once he’s got our defence and squad to Bolton level, we should be allowing him to make 2 signings of this type every season. Over a 5 year stint, 10 signings of the quality of Anelka all over the park will make a huge difference.

A lot is made of this when we’re doing badly and it’s complete rubbish imo. If you’re winning 3-1, 2-0, 1-0 – it’s good to watch. If you stop Arsenal, ManUTD or Chelsea from playing football, then you are playing good football. No matter what Arsene winges afterwards.

We are a long way from what most toon fans would regard as success. We are a long way from what Bolton fans regarded as success last season. All we know that Allardyce has done year upon year is BUILD and BUILD within the Premier League.

This is exactly what we need. If anyone can think of anyone better who has built sides and made them progress every season within the PREMIER LEAGUE then they’re worth considering too. But as long as we’re progressing every two years – Allardyce must be given a chance.

We all need to take 1000 steps back and accept we’re going to do things properly this time. When we get to the top we’re going to stay there.

We want to progress year after year don’t we? Bolton were in a better position than us last season and the one before. In this sense Bolton is not more like Carlisle than Nufc. They have been BETTER than us of late. In the last 2 seasons (before BSA left them) they have been more like Liverpool and Chelsea than us! What right to we have to suggest they’re more like Carlisle?

The only thing that makes NUFC different is the huge amount of pressure being put on him by the fans. In this sense Bolton is more like Carlisle than NUFC yes. But the objectives are exactly the same at this precise moment:

  • Get enough points to stay in the PL
  • Win as many games in the PL as possilbe
  • Improve league position in the PL evey year.

He has proven he can do all 3 at Bolton. The only thing different about NUFC is WE have more higher expectations and the fact that he’ll get a lot more money to spend on better players.

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