Will It Be Shearer Or His “Ghost” Will Keep Haunting?

by shearyadi | January 13, 2008 12:17 am

Sir Bobby Robson’s told the Daily Mail about Mike Ashley now has a simple but important decision to make. Turn to local legend Alan Shearer, even though he is untested, or choose a man with experience, a safer option, such as Mark Hughes, Gerard Houllier or Martin Jol.

He also said that ninety-nine times out of hundred, he would call for an experienced. Newcastle would normally be too big for a first-timer. But later he said about the different personality that Shearer has and his status plus charisma of few other candidates in this country would have.

I agree until that point, but I’m mostly agree with his ninety-nine times rather than Shearer’s personality or his status as a Geordie boy. But I’m not agree with Sir Bobby’s Klinsmann example of a person who has never been in charge of a club, to be Bayern Munich next manager simply because of his aura in the game.

Klinsi may never have experienced in club level, but don’t forget he’s the former German national team manager who lead his team into third place in the last world cup. So it is a very diferent issue regarding Shearer to compare with Klinsmann achievements before being appointed as Bayern next manager.

For Newcastle United, Shearer is a unique case because of his status and what he has done for the club as a player. Sir Bobby said it was not his fault but whoever takes Newcastle job will have to deal with his “ghost” on their shoulder and will always be under his shadow because of the strength of feeling towards him in the North-East.

The mixed of emotional feeling and the Geordie’s passion these days may resulting there’s only one Shearer who could be the saviour, but when the honeymoon is over, I’m afraid of another overrated demands of success will create another pressure cooker situation upon their own appointed Messiah.

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