Why Is King Kev So Special In The Eyes Of Toon Army

by shearyadi | January 18, 2008 12:20 am

So you want to know the truth about him, and to those who are the club’s “Outsiders” who might feel funny about his return to United, wondering why a 56-years old manager who is failed on his first attempt still got the highest appreciation from the Geordies faithful. Well, you got the answers now.

This is going to be a personal opinion, and may not well addressed the whole Toon Army thought about King Kev, but in general you will understand why.

It all begins back in 1982, when Arthur Cox made his £100,000 transfer from Southampton to Newcastle United in a massive scoop and eventually took the club back to the First Division. Keegan’s signing on that day proves to dramatically transformed the United team into a winning formula.

Although he is not born and breed Geordie, he is the son of a Geordie miner from Hetton, a local hero who has helped many lifes during the Stanley Pit coal mining disaster. Keegan is proud of his Geordie root from his father and feels that he is one of them and that is one of the reason in which make him a special K.

Kevin Keegan on his first encounter with the Magpies went on to net 49 goals in 85 appearances. He made a queues for season-tickets stretched around the streets of Gallowgate within 24 hours of his first arrival, and the same thing happen last Wednesday after his return to United has brought the Toon Army rush in to get the remaining Toon FA Cup replay tickets.

Not just that, the most important case about King Kev is his first return to Gallowgate End ten years later, when the Magpies were facing relegation to Division Three in 1992.

Keegan the manager again had a dramatic effect on the club. He saved the day, built a stylish team that lifted the First Division Championship and then challenged for the Premiership Title.

In personal, King Kev is the one who brought the excitement to the soul of mine. He is the one that baptism me as a Toon Army, so no matter what he is always be a special one for me, and I also believe for most of the Toon Army worldwide, Kevin Keegan has done marvelous job in making Newcastle United being a worldwide known football team.

Now that he is sensationally made his second return, and it was the most lovely thing to see happening at Newcastle in the last 10 years. He is back for an “Unfinished business” with United, and St. James’ Park is going to have its soul again.

King Kev official presentation will be at St. James’ Park at 2pm today, but his reception will be raucous when he leads the team again for the first time this season tomorrow against Bolton.

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