What’s in Magpies Zone

by shearyadi | October 28, 2007 11:33 am

Welcome to MagpiesZone blog. This is a new improvement from the old site to give you the most enjoyable browsing experience here, to explore the sites that you might have been missed from the old version. Here you can have short brief of what you can find inside this blog, for your quick reference.

NUFC Wallpaper[1]
Do I need to explain more? Here you can download the FREE Newcastle United wallpapers for your windows or Macintosh screen. With two sub-pages Newcastle current players and Newcastle legends, this blog page will be your one stop for everything Newcastle United wallpaper.

NUFC Screensaver[2]
Same as the NUFC Wallpaper, here you can download FREE Newcastle United screensaver. Read the instructions of how to install it.

NUFC Mobile[3]
A collection of Newcastle United related themes for your NOKIA and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. I will added more themes frequently, so check back the page to see the latest addition.

MySpace layout[4]
If you have MySpace account, and would like to show the world that you are the genuine and most loyal fans of Newcastle United, you can get the code here for your MySpace page.

Thanks for supporting this blog, and keep coming back. This is just a beginning…the future is Black-and-white. Howay the Lads!!!

  1. NUFC Wallpaper: http://www.magpieszone.com/toon/?page_id=2
  2. NUFC Screensaver: http://www.magpieszone.com/toon/?page_id=179
  3. NUFC Mobile: http://www.magpieszone.com/toon/?page_id=181
  4. MySpace layout: http://www.magpieszone.com/toon/?page_id=180

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