What is Happening with the Newcastle United Takeover?

What is Happening with the Newcastle United Takeover?
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After news broke that Mike Ashley finally agreed on selling Newcastle United, all the Geordies broke up in cheers. The club has been struggling during Ashley’s rule and has even gone down to the Championship Even though they did manage to stage a comeback to the top flight of English football, their destiny remained uncertain, and so did the chances of winning for anyone who used Bethard Promo Code to bet on them.

Newcastle struggled to keep afloat in the Premier League each time they were there. Most fans have already come to terms with their fate until news about a massive takeover broke.

Mike Ashley finally decided that it was time to jump ship and it was because of an offer received by a Saudi Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman

Have the Prayers Finally Been Answered?

After the struggle in the top flight, the fans were enduring the news of a takeover was a blessing. Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is actually the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, second only to King Salman who is the most important person in the country. However, since the king has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a long time, Prince Salman has been running things in his stead.

Bin Salman is also supported by Amanda Stavley and her PCP Capital Partners who are spearheading the takeover with a rumored bid of £300 million.

What gives the fans hope is the fact that Amada also led Sheik Mansour’s takeover of Manchester City back in the day. And just look at how things came about there.

Another Bidder


Bit things are not running as smoothly as everybody expected. Until today, the takeover has been taking twice as long as it usually lasts. Problems emerged with broadcasting rights that have allegedly damaged both the Premier League and Newcastle itself.

Mike Ashley wrote to the Premier League prompting a decision which till this day hasn’t been made. Debates are still being led between BeIN Sports, the broadcasting partner, and Senior Legal Counsel and Director of Corporate Affairs David Sugden. They are reluctant to give any comments about the matter and are not revealing anything neither to the public nor Ashley himself.

During this time another bidder emerged in the form of Henry Mauriss the chief executive of Clear TV from the US. His alleged bid of £350 million outweighs the current offer that the Saudi Prince has laid on the table and has stirred the pot of the takeover.

Nevertheless, the final decision is still with Ashley who has to get things sorted with the Premier League first.

A Bright Future

Whatever the outcome may be, the Magpies are looking at a brighter future ahead of them. Historically, dealing with investors from the Far East has brought success to English clubs (Man City), while not so much from the US (Man United). So it is clear who the fans would like to win in the bidding war.

For now, things are still uncertain and the best that everyone can do is wait for things to get sorted. Hopefully, some good things are finally in store for the Magpies’ future.

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