What Happened to Our Player(s) These Days?

August 11 04:50 2007 Print This Article

Family, wife, children, pals, neighbours, the city, environment, money, and what else? Was it the Toon Coaching management didn’t give our players enough to spend their times with all those ’latest’ reasons to leave the club, and only force them to training, training, training and training then play in the game to get injured? I don’t think so honestly.

The latest player that is to be honest, surprise me a lot, has give the club a plea to let him leave is Nolberto Solano. He wants to leave the club to get closer to his family who are now live in London. Now the question is why ’London’? I know that London is the capital city, but I don’t think Newcastle is the bad place to live.

Kieron Dyer was (suddenly) become the ’inspirator’ and the trigger of the new reasons to leave Newcastle United. He wants to leave because he has the family problems, and the fact that what he said as ’problems’ is his family was not live in the same city as the club he’s currently playing for. Oh dear…

Now, what happened to their ’Professionalism’ and ’Dedication’?

Let them play!Now, I understand why Allardyce said on a media report yesterday, that He’s thought that although he is now the away manager at Bolton tonight, he still think and believe that the Trotters side has the “more” chance to end-up as the winning side.

We have a very ’weak’ mentality in some of our players, and it is good that Sam would not take those players in our squad to Reebok stadium.

Bring on our reserve players all on the field! Let them fight and roaring for the game. Let them running and chasing the balls like crazy, and give all they can to the game instead of the ’Weak Dinosaurs’ who thinks of their ’Family Nest’ every minutes of it!

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