WANTED! The New Magic Tunes for Toon Lads

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This is very interesting piece of article I found out among all the trashes from last Saturday’s demolition of Newcastle United. Something that could bring the magic feeling for everyone who was with the same black-and-white colors of blood. The magic is called music.

I will not writing about the historical brief behind any of the tunes on this article, but I will share my own experience and some friends of mine opinions about the tunes of Toon.

As an Alien in wonderland, I was rarely (in fact: Never) have the chance to follow the game from the very beginning, with all the rituals that open and close it. All I have been experienced was only when the kick-off is started.

But, the first tune I’ve ever heard was the Mark Knopfler’s ‘Local Hero’ if you don’t know which one, you must seen the “Goal” movie and the first tune you hear when Santiago Munez first arrived to Newcastle was that one. Then I was thinking about why they pick that music instead of the Blaydon Races, whom was more famous and has been declared as the national anthem for the Geordies.

The answer is because the Local Hero was the music that is playing when the Lads coming out from St. James’ Park tunnel. The music that has been hearing for the last 10 years, from the Kevin Keegan’s entertainers era. But, the music was gone for couple of Newcastle’s home game.

The Journal article mentioned about the poll they did for Newcastle Fans who complained that Knopfler’s song had gone after a decade as the St James’s anthem. Local Hero was being replaced by Sham 69’s If The Kids Are United. Then for the last home game against Portsmouth, the tune was changed into the modern version of Blaydon Races.

The results of the poll: Local Hero won the vote by a landslide with 1,903 votes. Only 16 people voted for If The Kids Are United, with The Blaydon Races winning 95 votes and 42 supporters calling for no music to be played and for the fans to generate their own pre-match atmosphere.

Well, then I was being called to do my research and was asking some of my great friends from NOTBBC forum about their opinion. I found out most of them are picking ‘Local Hero’ to make a return as St. James’ Park anthem. Surprisingly, some of them are having the same experience as I have when I hear that song.

Sir Jonno said “I love ‘Local Hero’ regardless of it’s Auntie Cedents. It always sent a shiver down my spine to hear it as the lads ran out” while TJC having his skins crawl. The boss have the more complete opinion regarding to ‘Local Hero’

“As for what the team runs out too, or the background music that gets piped round when we shuffle out the stadium – well, why not Mark Knopfler’s little ditty. He went to the same school as Alan Shearer, so surely we can overlook the fact that Knopfler is actually Scottish and the song is the theme music for a Scottish comedy. It used to work and is a million times better than Sham bloody 69!!” He said.

As for the Blaydone Races who was hearing on Portsmouth match, Screacher said it didn’t worked out well as the St. James’ official might expecting it to be. And the more critical reaction come form my mate Clarky as he is saying “Has to be ‘Local Hero’ for me every time, although I also liked Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ that was played during those unforgettable Keegan years.”

“It’s interesting that yet again those at SJP feel they know best, despite the Journal poll being 99% in favour of returning to Local Hero.” He added more.

The most artistical opinion was from Swift, “It would be good if they got someone to compose something. I’m sure they could make something of that, they could even get the Northern Philharmonic to record it.”

Who could compose it though? My humble opinion is Sting can do good job for making the new St. James’ Park anthem. His FA Cup song Bringing the Pride Back Home was good enough, but if he is willing to create a special song for the Lads when they entering the field, the results would be awesome!

Well, c’mon Lads! Bringing the pride back home, starting from next Saturday fixtures. Yes, I know you all can do that!

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