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Let’s See What is Inside Mackems Head 2

As ever, the Mackems envy to Newcastle United success has made them trying what they can to bring us down and as many as they ever try the results are

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Thank You Very Much For the Ad 1

Well, to be honest you have score one against this blog but I don’t think your team can beat us on Sunday, and by the way…I really thank you for

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Geordie Lass Topping the Poll to Name 100 Sexiest WAGs 3

Cheryl Ann Tweedy, born 30 June 1983 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Married to an As*hole Cole of Chelsea who recently has a one night affair with hairdresser Aimee Walton. The

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Owen will re-united with SGE at CoM Stadium in January? 0

Sam Allardyce will have been loosing EMO on January transfer window after the City manager, Sven Goran Eriksson is reported very intereted to take his former player while he manage

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Sam Allardyce – Mistreatment of Players 0

Sam Allardyce spoken about his deepest concerns about his experience and the mistreatment of players he witnessed during his playing days. Allardyce, if you haven’t known before, was playing for

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