Toon Army Racists? I don’t Think so!

August 28 03:15 2007 Print This Article

It was shocking when I read some news about Mido’s being abused as a terrorist by some of travelling Toon supporters at Riverside stadium last Sunday.

Mido, have been subjected to unsavoury chants during a stormy Tyne-Tees derby on Sunday, has defended his actions in confronting the Newcastle United fans who singled him out for racist abuse.

As a fellow Toon Army, I was sad to read that news if it’s true. It is hard to believe in news report these days as they are seems too many speculations and rumours on certain thing, especially for the stuff as sensitive as racism.

Mido said on the news report, he just think it’s ridiculous. The Toon Fans were taking the p*ss and maybe some of them were drunk or something.

That was exactly what I’m thinking about that vociferous and sustained chants. Newcastle supporters are usually regarded as a good credit to the club for their unfinished support and nice behaviour. Maybe some of those idiot who start the chant was the kind of Toon Ultras, which is the problem that every club has.

I was first heard about this stupid and intolerable chant from a friend of mine yesterday, but I was told him that the news was rubbish and I haven’t heard anything about it. Later, the news about that suddenly spreading out like a disease.

I personally say sorry to Mido if the news about the chants that saying him as wearing a bomb is true. I believe the official club members will investigate this case and for those who responsible on that chant will surely has to pay for what they have done.

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