Titus Bramble; Past, Present and Future

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Newcastle United have nightmares from Titus Bramble during his time as Magpies player, but from eye-witnesses point of view, he was a ’Different’ Bramble we’ve ever known yesterday when playing for Wigan Athletic.

Although we have the dominant possession of the ball and creating chances, but the first half end-up goalles. It took almost 90 minutes before Michael Owen finally break the deadlock in 87 minutes.

Is that the same Titus Bramble we knew so far or he has transformed into the guy that make us signed him from Ipswich in 2002?

Other ex-Toon player, Antoine Sibierski who also now playing for Wigan, believes Titus Bramble now is receiving more positive treatment at Wigan Athletic than what he received with Newcastle United.

“At Newcastle, Titus played in front of 52,000 fans and it is different here.” Said Sibierski.

Moore from Sibierski about Bramble, he has got less pressure. Titus looks a different player. I have told him he could play for England – he has done very, very well in the last few games.

This is something that makes me thinking. Is that the truth about him? Do we give him any pressure more than he can handle with? I don’t think so.

What we need from him as Newcastle player is playing well, but from what I saw and read, he was rarely doing that during his time with us. He was the famous Blunble man for the many of blunders he did.

“But he was not the same during games. Now he is doing very well and I would not be surprised if he got into the England squad.” Sibierski added more.

“He is the same guy but on the pitch he looks more confident. I want him to carry on in this way.”

Well Sibs my man, he was like that for…ehmmm…couple of games. Believe me, when he first signed for us we are also seen him as the way you saw him yesterday against Newcastle United. He did plays well in couple of games and after that you will see him playing awfully and unacceptable sloppy.

“Maybe it is the way he is being coached. Maybe he has got more confidence from the staff at Wigan than he got at Newcastle.”

LOL…we will see about that!…sooner 🙂

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