They’re Never Learn How To Quit, Aren’t They?

by shearyadi | February 17, 2008 3:16 am

First, they keep repeating the news about how Keegan return is something that the earth will never witnessed any success, and now the latest silly reports about any new consortium vows to buy Newcastle United from Mike Ashley.

If I were Mike Ashley or as rich as he is, the first thing that I will do is to buy those stupid internet news media and shut their mouth off and told them to write any news about Newcastle in properly.

That North-East consortium want to buy out Newcastle from the billionaire owner Mike Ashley with a £250 million bid, and again, News of the World Tyneside’s source said they wanted to put Toon legend Alan Shearer as the leading man to manage Newcastle.

Meanwhile, the Sun has write something after Keegan’s speech about looking for the right player, and has made another speculations about King Kev is chasing Manchester United defender Wes Brown, Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge and West Ham United striker Dean Ashton as his prime targets for summer transfers.

And for the best part, from the one that I will never mention his name again, said that Mike Ashley and Chris Mort are huge businessmen, multi-millionaires in their own right, very clever men, but never been shouted at.

He said, they can’t stand the pressure, their knees buckle, they don’t stand strong and they use the easy option to take the pressure off themselves.

“They have to be the strongest ones and often they’re the weakest ones. They might like the limelight when the success comes, but they certainly can’t put up with the other side of it, which is really quite volatile now.” He said more, and you don’t have to think twice to guess who said that, right?

I’m looking forward for his return in managerial career and hope he will be Roy Keane’s successor at macKem’s land so we can give him a very warm applause at St. James’ Park, IF they’re not going down again this season.

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