These are the ‘SIGNS’ of Success for Toon this season

by shearyadi | August 13, 2007 5:56 pm

We may have not signed “Big Name” players this season, also no high ’crazy’ values that we pay for any new player, but we have ’SIGNS’ success for Toon this season.

Toon Success

Forget about Deco, some said he was too lazy these days. Don’t care for Ronaldinho either, he is smiling too much on the field. We does not want the lazy type or happy face, we need the fighting spirits and the pride of being a Toon player, that is the key for success.

Geremi has reveal how excited and grateful he is when Sam Allardyce asking him whether he would like to take on the responsibility to wear the skipper armband this season for Newcastle.

He said, that is one of the greatest honours of his career, and admitted it would be a dream to lift a trophy as Magpies skipper. Good! I think Sam Allardyce has signed one key for success. Well, maybe you will thought that Geremi is saying like that because he is now a Newcastle player, but for me I can see why Allardyce chose him ahead of any other Toon players.

Geremi has won every major trophy in the world of football when he plays for other teams. He is the champions cup holder with Real Madrid in 2000. He has won the Olympic medal while playing for his country. In premiership, he has won the trophy with Chelsea. Those are the genuine proof that he always give his 100 percent to the club his playing for.

Now, the success will never come if we don’t have players with the positive attitude like Geremi. We will not ever won anything if we have a player who rejects the captain’s armband when it was handing to him, like Kieron Dyer which I have been mistaken and over rated him as a good player, now I would love to see him go.

Besides Geremi, we have another signs of success in David Rozehnal. On the other occasion, Rozehnal has told the media that he is ready to become the next Prince Albert. Now that is what I called ’the Spirits’! A motivation to make himself someone better and be another Toon legend, is another sign of success.

“Coming to Newcastle is the biggest challenge of my career. I could have stayed in Europe and still definitely played in the European Championships. But I think I will become a better player being at Newcastle.” Rozehnal said.

Now, what would you say if your boss telling you to do your work in the place where you are not feeling comfortable with? Some will says NO, while other with the success attitudes will say YES.

Sam Allardyce handed our new boy Alan Smith a deeper role against Wanderers, but after declaring he is ready to play anywhere for the Magpies he revealed it as the case of sticking to his tasks. He added that he didn’t want to be isolated and had to focus on his jobs. Now that is the sample of the ’Pride’ from a man who will held his head up high no matter what.

Joey Barton, Mark Viduka, Claudio Caçapa and Jose Enrique are all other signs of success for Toon this season. We have good qualities of new signings with great attitude to the game and the club, and after so many years, now I can be more than optimistic to say This Is (really) Wor Year!

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