The Most Expensive Transfers in Newcastle United’s History

The Most Expensive Transfers in Newcastle United’s History
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The world of football is ever changing and players come and go. One moment you are in love with a team because a player you like is on that team, another, you like another team but are still conflicted, because you still like the previous team of your favorite footballer. If you like keeping up with all the teams, you can read more about it here.

When you like a team, however, you are often worried whether they will get the right transfers, sell or purchase new ones, depending on what the team needs. People even bet on this, following various types of betting strategies that they find fitting (note that not all bets can be placed for the same thing; for example draw no bet bets serve a different purpose than over/under bets…), because transfers are a large part of football. Some betters even go as far as finding promotional codes to make their betting easier and more affordable, like this Betway promo code.

Newcastle United is a team which also had its own fair share of transfers, expensive ones, at that. Here are the most expensive NCU transfers.


When purchasing players, clubs tend to pay much more than they would get for selling players, unless you have stars on your team, or players who rose to fandom and popularity while being on your team. Joelinton was purchased from Hoffenheim for 40 million pounds. That is a lot of money, beating the previous signing of 21 millions by almost double that. Joelinton played for Brazil and was capped at under 17. The club proudly posted on social media upon purchasing him and breaking their own record.

Miguel Almiron

Miguel Almiron was bought just 6 months prior to Joelinton and had held the record for that much. He was the most expensive purchase that the Magpies had before purchasing Joelinton. He was bought for 21 million pounds, from Atlanta United. His first ten months weren’t the greatest, because he had an injury. Afterwards, he managed to pull through and show everyone why he was a great purchase.

Michael Owen

Owen was purchased in 2005 from Real Madrid for 16 million pounds. His career wasn’t astonishing when he played for the Magpies. He had almost terrible four years, for a player of his caliber. Those four years were plagued with injuries and Owen, while still providing a lot to the team, couldn’t perform at his best.

Alan Shearer

Shearer made his dream come true when he joined Newcastle United in 1996, his home town. The previously played for Blackburn and always wanted to play for his hometown. He was bought for 15 million pounds. He remains, to this day, the top scorer of the Magpies.

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Mitrovic was bought from Anderlecht for 14 million pounds in 2015. He was supposed to be a star player at the time, but due to the relatively poor performances, compared to what was expected of him, he went to Fulham on loan in 2018, after which the deal was made permanent.

These are some of the most expensive transfers that Newcastle United ever had. If the team gets more great players, you can expect the prices to go up, beating even the current record holder, Joelinton.

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