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They’re Never Learn How To Quit, Aren’t They?

First, they keep repeating the news about how Keegan return is something that the earth will never witnessed any success, and now the latest silly reports about any new consortium

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Happy Chinese New Year To All Who Celebrate It

I’m sorry for being inactive for the last four days because I’ve been away to a small island to celebrate Chinese New Year where no internet connection available and I

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Keegan Demands Toon Lads To Double Their Performance On Tuesday

Kevin Keegan has told the United players to convert their first-half performance during Saturday’s FA Cup defeat at Arsenal and challenged them to produce that level of performance throughout the

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False Judgements from the United Outsiders

I have found another hypocrite type of journalist in today’s SkySports news. That man, Paul Hayward reckons there is a “terminal rift” at Newcastle, which will see Sam Allardyce shown

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Toon Supporters Finally Backing The Team 200%

There’s one interesting news today about how supporters can have an effect to the players performance. Mark Hughes said that the mansgers of any team have got to make sure

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