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DailyMail questioning Newcastle United empty seats 2

How nice they are and so really care about Newcastle United. A “Big Thanks” and thunderous “Applause” to Mr. Bob ‘carCASS’ who wrote the article. If he does so really

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Pictures from Tottenham vs Newcastle United Match 0

Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!!! Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!!! My throat still hurt after yelling the whole game yesterday but it’s really worth it as we have

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Indo Toon Army vs Milanisti In a Futsal Tournament 1

Today I just attending a technical meeting for a Futsal tournament between football supporters club here in Indonesia. As one of the senior member of the Indonesian Toon Army, I

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Chris Mort in Shocking Inconsistent and Inaccurate Football Knowledge 2

After watching Newcastle side get a vital away point at St. Andrew’s yesterday, United chairman Chris Mort is admitted that He and Mike Ashley were surprised by our relegation dogfight

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Mixed Emotions, You’re not the only one… 2

Dear Toon Army, We are reaching the most worst season in the last ten years history of a roller coaster ride Newcastle United. Honesty, I never thought we could be

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