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Sunderland is Not and Never be any better than Newcastle United

It’s written in the stars many-many years ago, and will always be that way for many years to come that Newcastle United destined to be the better team in North

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The Day When Newcastle United is The Best Team in North East

Frankly, I’m really nervous before and at the start of kick-off, and if Steve Bruce ever said couple days ago that he was shaking to face one of the most

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We take it on the chin with our heads held high

Not feeling gutted but a bit disappointed to have this game out of our reach today. After managing two draws on winable chance of our previous last two games, we

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First Chapter’s Coda of 2007-2008 Tyne-Wear Derby

What is a coda? has the explanation for coda as a Latin word meaning “tail,” refers not only to the conclusion of a musical composition but also to an

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Now, What the Papers Says?

Alright, I have posted the voices of Newcastle United fans yesterday, and I think it’s also interesting to know what the papers said about Saturday’s Tyne-Wear derby. But, one thing

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