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Sam Allardyce, The Perfect Sample Of A Loser 0

Okay, I was wrong about him for the last couple weeks of his reign at Gallowgate. Now I feel embarrassed to have backing him up on his last hard days

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Sam Allardyce’s Newcastle United vs Kevin Keegan 0

This was a classic case of what happens when a team trying to play attacking football (but doesn’t have the players) comes up against a team that is great from

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Sam Allardyce Shifted the Blame for Newcastle’s Poor Season 1

Sam Allardyce finally speaking for the first time to the press yesterday after his parted company with United last month. Sam Allardyce said that he has done what any best

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Sam Allardyce’s Chinese Horoscope Forecast in 2008 0

We will have the year of an Earth Rat according to the ancient Chinese astrology calendar starting from February 7th, 2008. Being a bit curious in what is the forecast

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Sam Allardyce Will Stay As Newcastle United Manager In 2008 0

Times Online report today write about Chris Mort, the Newcastle United chairman, has insisted the club are not looking for a replacement for Sam Allardyce although the former Bolton Wanderers

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