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Riise Will Surely Raise With Newcastle United

I know this is an old rumour that speculating we are chasing him and today Sky has reported Keegan is trying to get him out from Anfield this summer. Riise

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Liverpool vs Newcastle, Want To Know What Happened?

Disappointed? YES! Feeling Hurt? DEFINETELY! Have anything to hope for from our current team squad? Maybe YES, maybe NOT. Honestly, I didn’t expecting us to win the game today and

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Premierships Disaster: Liverpool 3 (2) – Newcastle 0 (0)

As being predicted before, we can’t do much against the in-form Liverpool squad or maybe we’re not just good enough to stay in Premier League anymore. 6 goals in and

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Liverpool vs Newcastle United Match Preview

In the 150th fixtures for Kevin Keegan as the manager of Newcastle, the 57 years-old gaffer will guide his troops to Anfield in seeking for little chance to get a

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We Have Problems With or Without Barton At Anfield

After a court hearing this week, the request from Newcastle United for Barton to featured at both Merseyside fixtures at Anfield on this Saturday, and our final league fixture at

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