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Newcastle United XI vs AC Milan Glorie, a romantic journey through memories 0

It is more than just a testimonial game for one of the greatest servant of Newcastle United, to me it’s a romantic journey through memories as both teams and players

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Where should we go from here 0

The organ grinder and his 3 Wise monkeys seem set to return empty handed from Dubai, and without the £480m Ashley was allegedly hoping to have trousered for his splendid

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The first comedy fact has been told about Newcastle United future 0

I will not wrote about today’s match as you may already know that we were shite and down 1-2, thanks to the “whole new future of football management” invented by

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The Battle continues about who is done right or wrong 1

This could be the longest post I’ve ever did on the Magpies Zone, but I assume that all these stuff are important enough to be highlighted, so all my friends

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Proof that Newcastle United hierarchy decision to keep Kevin Keegan is right 2

Dear all, after the official statement about Keegan stay as Newcastle United manager, I made a small research about what happens to the world wide web during the speculation of

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