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Things to learn from the match against Arsenal 0

If you ask me about how I feel after watching the game, my answer is quite happy in terms of the way we play against the real contender for the

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Newcastle being credited with a good defensive display against Arsenal 0

It’s interesting that we are being credited with a good defensive display last night, even by Wenger, although I personally thought our defending in the 1st half was dreadful with

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Between Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger – a Postmortem 0

Any difference between them? Maybe it’s just where their team position in the Premier League table, besides that both have been failed to secured a winable fixtures into the grab.

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Arsene “Mr. Englishman” Wenger Whinging About Engerlund Manager 0

The question is, does he is also one of the FA candidates for the new England manager? As far as I know as an Alien in wonderland, the race for

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