St. James’ Park to Host an England Euro 2020 Warm-Up Match

St. James’ Park to Host an England Euro 2020 Warm-Up Match
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For every fan of football, most of who like to use promotional codes like the codes found on sports betting nz, hosting an international match where your own national team plays against another at your club’s home stadium is a great event. St. James’ Park hosted plenty of events, though the last international event was hosted in 2005, when England played against Azerbaijan, in a World Cup qualifier match. They won that match, thankfully. Now, 15 years later, the date was set for June 7, when England will have another match, a warm-up match, prior to the EURO 2020 group stage matches. This will be a milestone, because 15 years is a lot of time for a stadium not to host an international event, at least for football.

St. James’ Park Previous Matches

The Magpies home turf hosted plenty of glorious football matches, most of which ended very well for England. The best known ones are probably for the 1996 EUROS. England didn’t play at those matches, but they were definitely entertaining. All the matches England played on this stadium, they won, except one in 1933 when they lost to Wales and 1907 when they were tied with Scotland at the British Home Championship. In 2001, they won against Albania and in 2004, they won against Ukraine. At the 2012 Olympic Games, the stadium also hosted matches, 6 of them, in fact. The matches played were from the group stage and quarterfinals. 

EURO 2020 Warm-Up Match

On June 7, 2020, England is set to play against Romania at the Newcastle United’s home stadium, St. James’ Park. This match will serve as a warm-up match for both teams, with hopes of Romania actually reaching the main tournament, after the qualifying playoffs.  England is set to play against Croatia on June 14, so their warm-up match is much needed. On June 2, however, they will travel to Austria to face the Austrian national team, in Vienna. This is also a part of their training and warm-up. 

What This Means for the Magpies

Whenever a stadium hosts an international event, popularity of that stadium increases. The Magpies already have very devoted fans, so their own popularity is not in question. It is not wrong to say, however, that they will benefit from this, as interest always rises after a match is played on a certain stadium, especially if your home team wins. England’s record is very good at St. James’ Park.

The Magpies and Magpies’ fans will love hosting the England national team on June 7, 2020. The warm-up match will show us the performance of the England national team, hopefully, a good one. Heading into the EURO 2020, England has chosen a great stadium to play their home turf match.

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