Some Words to Love and Hate About

by shearyadi | November 5, 2007 9:08 am

It’s good to know something you would love to hate about. This is what the last opponent striker have said about Newcastle United defenders. I only say to him to enjoy it while you still can.

“I can’t remember being 3-0 up in a game so early,” said Benjani. “Maybe the last time that happened was at school – it was a surprise.”

Oh yeah, very nice said…you are now one of ‘the United Hall of Hate’ members. You are in level terms with Andy Cole and Roy Keane now on the eyes of Toon Army. Congratulations Mr. Benjani, and we will see how far you can go with your ‘Schoolboy Stuff’. I was so surprise too that you could enter the hall of hate so fast, maybe a new Toon World record.

“But to be honest I don’t really care about that as long as the team are winning. We can get into the top six. Maybe not the top four, but certainly we can make Europe.” You said that too, let’s see about it next summer.

Now the good part is Sam Allardyce has backed Claudio Caçapa to emerge stronger from his nightmare experience at St James’s Park on Saturday. He was being substituted after just 17 minutes of the 4-1 defeat to Portsmouth. Sam believe he was the one having been at fault for Portsmouth’s second and third goals, well…I do think the same too.

“Claudio is one of the few you thought wouldn’t make that type of mistake, but he did. We all try to learn from those mistakes and eliminate them as much as we possibly can.” Said Allardyce. Well, this is good. At least Big Sam has speak something nice and not just blame somebody else.

“Claudio will pick himself up,” said the 53-year-old former Bolton central defender. “He was looking a little laboured, that is why I made the early change. He has enough experience to accept he has made some mistakes. When you wake up on Sunday morning you can kid as much as you like to everyone else but when you look in the mirror you can’t kid him, can you? You know if you have done all right or not.”

But, once again we need all truth, nothing but the truth from it. Allardyce have spoken twice about learning from our mistakes. He has two good samples of the away and home mistakes now, and I hope he will have more to offer when we play sunderland this weekend.

The other words of love come from the United midfielder Nicky Butt. He was one of the player who did ‘somehing’ during the last disastrous event at St. James’ Park last Saturday. He said that the Derby Match win can help to heal the wounds. Too bad he will be missing the cure medicine party at stadium of s*ite because of 5 yellow cards he received.

“It’s a derby and all qualities to a point go out of the window,” he argued. “In the first 20 minutes you’ve got to give it your all, get stuck in and fight. The way you’ve played over the last few weeks goes out of the window, it’s just a one-off game, so the bigger the game the better.”

Nicky Butt will not alone to missed the important derby. Shay Given is also expected to be out for another three weeks with a groin strain.

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