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September 02 08:50 2008 Print This Article

Although no cinfirmation or the club official statement so far about the future of King Kev, but the press are all over the world reporting the news about his resignation from Newcastle United following of what so called a disagreements between Keegan and United boards, especially Dennis Wise and co.

One of genuine Toon Army has set-up a petition online demanding Removal of Denis Wise and Mike Ashley from Newcastle United FC. SIGN THE PETITION HERE NOW!.


Below are the petition that was created by and written by Toon supporter Charles GF:

To: Newcastle United Football Club

This is a call to all fellow Newcastle United FC supporters to demonstrate their desire for the removal of Denis Wise from our great club. Furthermore, I am sure you all agree with the consensus that Mike Ashley is having a distinct detrimental affect to our existence in the Premier League and is unable to progress the club, therefore, we strongly urge him to sell the club at the quickest opportunity.

May I also outline the fact, Kevin Keegan is Newcastle United through and through, for this reason, I stress the importance of Kevin Keegan remaining at the club.

Thank you for your support.

The petition will be presented to officials of Newcastle United Football Club on the 15th of September 2008.

The Undersigned.

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  1. alan nicholson
    September 02, 09:47 #1 alan nicholson

    iam sick of the way newcastle is run we as supporters are a laughing stock he never got any backing in the transfer market got a lesser suad of players that we had last season spoke the truth and got the sack for it.iam worried about this season allready what will be the worst thing is appoint dennis wise.

  2. les
    September 02, 09:54 #2 les

    wise and ashley must go.

  3. Craig Bradley
    September 02, 10:37 #3 Craig Bradley

    Wise and Ashley Out

  4. John W
    September 02, 12:38 #4 John W

    Mr Ashley. You know what you got when you asked KK to be manager. NOW SUPPORT HIM. It is all well and good building for the future but KK won’t have a job if he can’t produce the goods now. KK has only been in charge 7 months & 2-3 of those were the summer break months. STOP MAKING THE TOON A LAUGHING STOCK PLEASE AND BE NEWCASTLE UNITED.

  5. Chris brown
    September 02, 15:30 #5 Chris brown

    deniis wise and mike ashley must go, if keegan has gone, i will never set foot in st james again untill both of the are out of this fantastic club

  6. gary
    September 03, 16:39 #6 gary

    get the fat man out and i dont kno what wise is doin but its literally nothin apart from destroyin the club keegan must stay i cant not go to the ground bcos i work there but i dont expect it to be a full house every prem game if the club is to be where every geordie wants them to be ashley and wise must go and keegan needs to keep the throne and be allowed to do his job.

  7. David
    September 03, 14:23 #7 David

    go now wise
    your plan to bring your mate poyet in is doomed to fail we won’t stand for it
    you’ll have no club to direct, he’ll have no club to manage and Ashley won’t have a club to own

  8. Andy
    September 04, 16:13 #8 Andy

    I call on all fans to boycott the club home and away until Wise, Llambias and Ashley are out. They have made the club a laughing stock.

    Under no circumstances should Poyet or anymore of Wise’s cronies be part of the club.

    Mr Wise – if you read this – take the 125 back to London with your mates and don’t come back.

  9. davey totton
    September 04, 18:25 #9 davey totton

    good luck kevin get ashley out what a wanker disgrace to football

  10. Steve Young
    September 05, 13:40 #10 Steve Young

    Good Luck KK sorry to see you depart. Ashley Wise and all the rest of the enterage that have disgraced the club. Get out before your pushed arseholes.

  11. robert
    September 06, 03:14 #11 robert

    ashley and wise must go now we have all had it with you and are sick of being the laughing stock of football kegan was the only one for the club no one else will do you must sell and go back to runnning you cheap sports wear shops

  12. sue
    September 07, 04:31 #12 sue

    KK has been treated like a puppet, keeping the viewing public satisfied, while those behind the scenes pull all the strings. He has not been allowed to do what his job title states. That is to Manage.
    Loose the string pullers.

  13. Pete
    September 07, 09:16 #13 Pete

    Wise was an arshole as a player,and he has got worse as time has gone on.How the hell has he got to the position he is today????Especialy at our beloved club.Got to get rid of this cheesy litte cheating scum bag.He is just one of many YES men of ashleys,it doesnt matter to him if our club goes tits up,i hate that man…..
    Ashley has to sell the club on and hopefully the new owners will have the right frame of mind to get KK back to where he belongs…
    TOON 4 EVA

    September 07, 15:43 #14 NASMIE JACOBS

    i am at da lowest point in my life .i really though we gona win a trofhy this season with KK.what happen with KK is not fair.he is da reason i became to love for NUFC.every manager that came after him had no intension of winning a trofhy and that same cycle is gona continue .i think we need some one that loves the club to manage the strong toon army your loyalist south african toon soldier NJ

  15. marky
    September 15, 12:23 #15 marky

    who the f____ is denis wise keegan is a king HAWAY THE LADS.

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