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We are already know that the club that we love with all of our heart is (once again) entering its dark period after the resignation of Kevin Keegan last week.

We are also know that King Kev has to make this hard decision to leave because he definetely don’t have any support on which he supposed to have when he agree to return last January.

Things are also getting more out of control at the moment, when Terry McDermott and Adam Sadler were today also leaving Newcastle United.

And when the current owner was trying to get the new manager for Newcastle, the Toon Army demanding other way to save our club. With approval from Michael of True Faith, the Magpies Zone also join the movement and for all my readers/subscribers, here are our RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ACTION!

Like many Newcastle United supporters we have been sickened by the events of the last week and the departure of Kevin Keegan from his position as manager of our club. We believe Kevin had little alternative but to resign given the gross incompetence and mismanagement of Dennis Wise, Executive Director of Football and Derek Llambias, Managing Director who like Kevin were appointed by Mike Ashley. While Kevin Keegan remained at Newcastle United the fans trusted that the club was moving forward at last, with Keegan’s departure all trust has gone.

The Mag, True Faith, and the Magpies Zone are believe there has been a fundamental break in trust between board and the support.

The Mag, True Faith, and the Magpies Zone have been inundated by requests from supporters keen to take action against those within the boardroom of Newcastle United.

Having read many hundreds if not thousands of e-mails sent, we are recommending the following action in protest at its appalling treatment of Kevin Keegan and the entirely unworkable structure it has established at the club, namely around the club’s transfer policy.

That initial action includes:

  1. An immediate and indefinite boycott of all Newcastle United merchandise to include replica shirts, other club clothing and any items sold at official NUFC outlets. It will also include the non-purchase of all Newcastle United programmes and magazines as well as food, drinks and beverages of any description. This boycott will include raffle tickets, lotteries and any other products associated with Newcastle United Football Club. This to include also a boycott of all club bars including Shearer’s Bar as well as club cafes, official club tours, visits to the NUFC museum and any other activity which generates an income for Newcastle United.
  2. This boycott to be extended to any retail outlet or product owned either in full or in part by Mike Ashley e.g. Sports Soccer, Lillywhites etc.
  3. We do not advocate a boycott (this is backed up overwhelmingly in the emails we have received) of the game against Hull City at SJP on Saturday 13/Sep/08. Newcastle United’s players have done nothing wrong and certain individuals have behaved impeccably given the manner in which their manager and team-mates have been treated this last week. They remain deserving of our support.
  4. We advocate supporters vocally expressing their disgust against the current regime whether they are at the match or not, which will act as a clear demonstration of the antipathy of supporters towards Ashley, Llambias and Wise. There should be no abuse directed at any Newcastle United player.
  5. We insist that Mike Ashley does not attend away games amongst the travelling support. He is not a Newcastle United supporter and as far as The Mag, True Faith, and the Magpies Zone are concerned he is not welcome amongst our ranks. If any effort is made by Ashley to attend future away games we would recommend the away support to vocally remind him he is not wanted amongst us. We do not advocate violent disorder of any description.

Michael Martin (Editor, true faith) · Mark Jensen (Editor, The Mag) · Shearyadi (Author, Magpies Zone)

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  1. Daddy Keaton
    September 08, 20:19 #1 Daddy Keaton

    N now they are trying to bring gus poyet to be newcastle boss..

    so lame. so joke.
    Dennis wise bring his friend gus poyet.

    so dennis wise was purposely to kick keegan out.
    n ashley, he aint newcastle fan at all.

    i feel sad for newcastle fan. n supporter.
    as i begun to see newcastle fallen era.

  2. Bolasinema
    September 10, 01:44 #2 Bolasinema

    Actually, I am waiting Alan Shearer to be a Magpies’s Manager.
    Shall he ?
    I am from Indonesia. Indonesian people so much loves football. Is there anyone wanna xchange link with me ?

  3. Michael
    September 10, 03:47 #3 Michael

    i,ve been newcastle united supporter since i was 10. Now i,m 23 …
    i was very sad to hear about keegan resignation …
    wise and vetere still working as director …
    first, i think ashley will keep keegan n kick out wise and vetere … but the other way.

    Keegan walk out from our club, wise and vetere stay.

    can you imagine, how many newcastle supporters and fans disappointed, turmoil, and become angry about this … Keegan is our Messiah …
    who is wise?! who is vetere?! who is ashley?!

    wise even play for chelsea when he played!!

    ashley?! just chairman with full of bull shit …

    i hope the rumour about amnil ambani is true …
    that, he will takeover the club from the bull shit man (ashley) … and newcastle began the new era …

  4. sukmono
    September 10, 04:03 #4 sukmono

    Gus already said NO, now here comes another ex-Chelsea Didier Deschamp lining in… If Didier also say no I wouldn’t be surprise if the next names coming in will be Pierluigi Casiraghi or Gianluca Vialli.. Thx WISE-ASS !!!!

  5. mado
    September 10, 05:10 #5 mado

    don’t know what to say anymore..they suck!
    i’m 100% stand for newcastle united,but 1000% say no for wise_ass over there,,
    gettt outtt!!!!

  6. baz
    September 13, 01:53 #6 baz

    This mite help the cause today mind u-fuel the fire-make ashley see its the only way!today!

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