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In fact we have one point from today’s match. A one point better than our previous away matches, but in general we are still far away from doing the best we can this season. Sunderland is not a decent opponent to get one point out of them, we should get three points today, that’s the better performance.

Big Sam said we have been doing well and get a deserved goal from our response after getting a goal behind. Well, to be honest that’s not what most of the Toon Army hope for from the Lads today.

Most of all wants three points out of them, and with this kind of performance, we are just lucky not to lose.

Below are couple of responses from Toon Army Singapore, Indonesia and absolutely from the golden city of Newcastle.

Dave, member of NUFC Singapore
When he was contacted today, Dave is willing to share his opinion with us, below are our short interview with Dave from NUFC Singapore:

“Newcastle today was lack of creativity, passion and flair, conceeded yet again because of poor marking, our defence caught napping. Newcastle are got lucky to get a goal from Milner. The best performance imho was probably Emre.”

When he was asked about his opinion in general about Sam Allardyce performance until game #12 for Newcastle, Dave said that he is still believe Big Sam would do his best for the club, it is just that BSA was not found his right formula for the Newcastle best XI.

Later on, we have asking him an important question, what if Newcastle United get lost today. He said he will be shocked but move on with Allardyce. He said it’s useless if we got him sacked and looking for any new manager again.

Good point Dave, and thanks for your honest personal opinion about Newcastle today and in general. The true Newcastle United supporter voice is more important than what we read on the newspaper.

Indo Toon Army
We are failed to get the response from our fellow Indonesian Toon Army, because when we write on this article, it was around 1:30AM here in Indonesia, but from some short of comments posted after the match in our forum, here are their opinions:

Wicaksono: “Not satisfied but at least we maintained the unbeaten record while playing against them in their home”

Bimo: “Joey Barton and Alan Smith not in their best form today, the best performance was Abdoulaye Faye”

Opinions from NOTBBC, the greatest Toon Forum of all!
Clarky: “Another shabby performance for me, but credit to them for coming back as the mackems tried to sit back on their lead. In fact, I thought we played a lot better after we went behind, and at least began to string a few passes together. Despite that, we should have ended up empty handed as 5’ 6” Michael Chopra was left unmarked at the far post from a corner to head against the underside of the crossbar.”

Sir Jonno: “Some have mentioned comparison to last season. Well I’ve done the stats (where’s Softie when you need him?) and we are now 1 point behind last season on the equivalent matches. (For this purpose Sheff Utd = Sunderland and Watford = Derby) So as some have pointed out, what appears to be a canny start is in fact slightly worse than last season, despite several players brought in and Owen playing more often I think.”

Phoenix: “Saw my first Newcastle game of the season. First off, Sunderland were the better team. To be brutal, I was APPALLED at the way Newcastle played. I kept saying to myself “these guys are playing like a bunch of clowns!”. Again and again they were beaten to the ball. Again and again they made vain late tackles that reached the intended target area after the intended target had departed the scene. The Newcastle side I watched today looked like a bottom-half of the table team.”

Well, all credits been given to all the mentioned names above, sorry to have use your opinions on this article without telling you all first. But I thought that your honest opinions are all very important to share with others, so we all will not just feed by the cosmetics opinions from the newspaper journalists.

Have your own opinion about today’s performance or about Newcastle United in general so far? You know what to do with the form below this article, and share your thoughts with other Toon Army. Your genuine voice are also important and appreciated!

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  1. shearyadi
    November 11, 08:25 #1 shearyadi

    Agree with toon_mad, Big Sam has said many times about basic errors by our (most) defenders, but the actual thing always happens, dunno if BSA knows what he’s been dealing with and have the way to solve it or not. Time will tell

  2. toon_mad
    November 11, 06:27 #2 toon_mad

    the defense are non existant, even without titus shambles!

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