News From the Insider, Sam Will Go If England Want Him

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Would you believe this: Sam Allardyce have a supporter inside the England Football Association. reporting today, John Barnwell, the League Managers Association chief executive, said that Allardyce would not reject an offer to take over from Steve McClaren, who was dismissed following England’s elimination from Euro 2008.

I’m a bit surprise when I found the article from a forum that I regularly visit. I can say this is a good news or bad news for Newcastle United, in term of what so call ‘Long Term Revolution’.

Allardyce was interviewed for the England job last year after Sven-Goran Eriksson left the post, and he will no need to do that again if the FA can’t find any suitable replacement for the England job sooner.

Telegraph also write Although Allardyce has said that he is focused on his work at Newcastle and is not interested in the England vacancy, Barnwell believes that the former Bolton manager could be talked into accepting the challenge.

“As he did at Bolton, he’d analyse the whole thing and work out a structure,” said the League Managers Association chief executive, Barnwell. “He would approach the job in a different manner to how it has been done before.”

Fabio Cappelo, who is being said as the leading contender to take the job revealed that he has still not had any contact from the English Football Association over the country’s vacant manager’s job. He is now the current bookmaker’s favourite to replace Steve McClaren.

“There has been no contact with the English federation,” Capello stated on RAI television. “Just like Spain, England have some great players, but their national teams never win anything.”

Well, if the future England manager didn’t know that England has won the world cup and say that their national teams never win anything then how can he be a good replacement for Steve mcClaren, in this case…Sam Allardyce everyone?

BSA will take it seriously if the FA did offer him the job, as the latest news from Newcastle United chairman Chris Mort reveals today that there will be no more transfer funds for Allardyce in January.

Both Mike Ashley and Chris Mort said they still backing Sam Allardyce to continue the team development, but unfortunately there’ll be no cash ready for him.

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