Newcastle v Aston Villa Match Preview

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We are heading in our second game of this season in game week#3 against Aston Villa tomorrow. Aston Villa is trying to re-group after a crushing 2-1 home loss to Liverpool last Sunday, while we have more confident with the win against Bolton in our first game last week.

Our track records against them was great. We have play against them for 28 times, with 15 wins, 8 draws and 5 losts.

Our biggest win, 5-1 at home in 1993-1994 season with Paul Bracewell, Peter Beardsley (2), Andy Cole and Scott Sellars are in scoresheets. Biggest losts was 0-3 in 2004-2005 season where we have the in-famous fight between Dyer and Bowyer.

The only season where we can’t get a single point was also in 2004-2005 season, where they made a double against us. We also have one season where both away and home games ended square, in 2003-2004 season with 1-1 at home and 0-0 away.

Predictions and comments are welcome!

Below are our full match records against them in Premier League:

1993-1994 Season
02.10.93 (A) FT 2-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 37,336
Newcastle: Hooper, Watson, Beresford, Venison, Scott, Bracewell; Lee, Clark, Cole, Beardsley, Allen
Aston Villa: Spink; Cox, Staunton, Teale, McGrath, Richardson, Cowans (Houghton), Townsend, Whittingham (Daley), Atkinson, Saunders
Goal Scorers: Allen, Cole

27.04.94 (H) FT 5-1 (1st Half 3-1) Attd. 32,216
Newcastle: Srnicek, Venison, Beresford, Neilson, Peacock, Bracewell (Watson); Fox, Lee, Cole (Mathie), Beardsley, Sellars
Aston Villa: Spink, Barrett, Staunton, Ehiogu, Teale (Daley), Richardson, Houghton, Townsend, Fenton, Farrell (Breitkreutz), Beinlich
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Bracewell, Beardsley (2), Cole, Sellars. Villa: Beinlich

1994-1995 Season
01.10.94 (A) FT 2-0 (1st Half 2-0) Attd. 29,737
Newcastle: Srnicek, Hottiger, Beresford, Howey, Peacock, Albert, Fox, Lee, Cole, Beardsley (Kitson), Sellars
Aston Villa: Spink, Barrett, King, Ehiogu, McGrath, Parker, Houghton (Staunton), Townsend, Yorke, Fenton (Lamptey), Whittingham
Goal Scorers: Lee, Cole

25.02.95 (H) FT 3-1 (1st Half 1-1) Attd. 33,219
Newcastle: Srnicek, Hottiger, Beresford, Howey, Peacock, Venison; Gillespie, Lee, Kitson, Beardsley, Fox
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Charles, Staunton, Teale (Atkinson), Ehiogu, Townsend, McGrath, Taylor, Yorke, Saunders, Johnson
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Venison, Beardsley (2). Villa: Townsend

1995-1996 Season
19.11.95 (A) FT 1-1 (1st Hal 0-1) Attd. 39,167
Newcastle: Hislop, Barton, Beresford, Howey, Peacock, Watson (Clark), Gillespie, Lee, Ferdinand (Albert), Beardsley, Ginola
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Charles, Wright, Southgate, McGrath, Ehiogu, Taylor, Draper, Milosevic, Johnson, Yorke
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Ferdinand. Villa: Johnson

14.04.96 (H) FT 1-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 36,546
Newcastle: Hislop, Watson, Beresford (Elliott), Batty, Peacock, Albert, Asprilla, Lee, Ferdinand, Beardsley, Ginola
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Charles, Wright, Townsend, McGrath, Ehiogu, Taylor, Draper, Milosevic, Johnson (Scimeca), Yorke (Joachim)
Goal Scorer: Ferdinand

1996-1997 Season
30.09.96 (H) FT 4-3 (1st Half 3-1) Attd. 36,400
Newcastle: Srnicek, Watson, Beresford, Howey, Peacock, Batty, Gillespie, Lee, Shearer, Ferdinand, Ginola (Asprilla)
Aston Villa: Oakes, Nelson, Wright, Ehiogu, Southgate, Staunton, Taylor, Curcic, Milosevic, Yorke, Draper
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Ferdinand (2), Shearer, Howey. Villa: Yorke (3)

11.01.97 (A) FT 2-2 (1st Half 2-1) Attd. 39,339
Newcastle: Hislop, Watson, Beresford, Peacock, Albert, Batty; Lee, Clark, Shearer, Beardsley, Elliott
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Nelson (Scimeca), Wright, Ehiogu, Southgate, Staunton, Tiler, Townsend, Milosevic, Yorke (Joachim), Johnson
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Shearer, Clark. Villa: Yorke, Milosevic

1997-1998 Season
23.08.97 (H) FT 1-0 (1st Half 1-0) Attd. 36,783
Newcastle: Given, Watson, Pistone, Albert, Pearce, Batty, Gillespie, Lee, Rush (Tomasson), Ketsbaia (Barton), Beresford
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Charles, Staunton (Nelson), Southgate, Ehiogu, Scimeca (Wright), Taylor, Draper, Grayson (Joachim), Collymore, Yorke
Goal Scorer: Beresford

01.02.98 (A) FT 1-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 38,266
Newcastle: Hislop, Watson, Pistone, Howey, Pearce, Batty, Gillespie, Lee, Shearer, Andersson (Tomasson), Beresford
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Grayson, Wright (Joachim), Southgate, Ehiogu, Scimeca, Taylor, Draper, Yorke, Collymore, Hendrie
Goal Scorer: Batty

1998-1999 Season
09.09.98 (A) FT 0-1 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 39,241
Newcastle: Given, Watson, Pearce, Charvet, Albert, Speed, Solano (Guivarc’h), Lee, Shearer, Andersson (Ketsbaia), Glass
Aston Villa: Bosnich, Charles, Wright, Southgate, Ehiogu, Barry, Draper (Taylor), Hendrie, Joachim, Scimeca (Vassell), Thompson (Grayson)
Goal Scorer: Hendrie (p)

30.01.99 (H) FT 2-1 (1st Half 2-0) Attd. 36,698
Newcastle: Given, Barton, Domi, Dabizas, Howey, Speed, Solano (Brady), Hamann, Shearer, Ketsbaia (Andersson), Glass
Aston Villa: Oakes, Watson (Vassell), Wright, Southgate, Ehiogu (Grayson), Barry, Taylor, Hendrie, Joachim, Merson, Scimeca
Goal Scorers: Shearer, Ketsbaia. Villa: Merson

1999-2000 Season
07.08.99 (H) FT 0-1 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 36,376
Newcastle: Harper, Barton, Serrant (Maric), Marcelino (Dyer), Goma, Speed, Solano (Robinson), Dumas, Shearer, Ketsbaia, Domi
Aston Villa: James, Delaney, Wright, Southgate, Ehiogu, Calderwood (Stone), Taylor, Boateng (Hendrie), Dublin, Joachim, Thompson
Goal Scorer: Joachim (Villa)

04.12.99 (A) FT 1-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 34,531
Newcastle: Harper, Solano (Barton), Pistone, Dabizas, Helder, Dumas, Lee, Maric (Ferguson), Shearer, Ketsbaia (Hughes), Speed
Aston Villa: James, Delaney, Wright, Southgate, Calderwood, Barry, Taylor, Boateng, Dublin (Carbone), Joachim (Hendrie, Merson)
Goal Scorer: Ferguson

2000-2001 Season
02.12.00 (A) FT 1-1 (1st Half 0-1) Attd. 18,520
Newcastle: Given, Griffin, Barton, Goma (Domi), Hughes (Caldwell), Speed; Solano, Lee (Lua Lua), Cordone, Dyer, Acuna
Aston Villa: James, Stone, Wright, Southgate, Alpay, Barry, Merson, Boateng, Dublin, Hendrie, Ginola (Samuel)
Goal Scorer: Newcastle: Solano. Villa: Dublin

19.05.01 (H) FT 3-0 (1st Half 2-0) Attd. 51,306
Newcastle: Given, Barton, Hughes, Dabizas, O’Brien, Speed, Solano (Quinn), Bassedas, Cort, Gallacher (Ameobi), Glass
Aston Villa: James, Delaney, Wright, Southgate, Alpay, Taylor, Merson, Vassell (Dublin), Angel (Stone) , Hendrie, Ginola (Boateng)
Goal Scorer: Glass, Cort, Delaney (og)

2001-2002 Season
03.11.01 (H) FT 3-0 (1st Half 1-0) Attd. 51,057
Newcastle: Given, Hughes, Elliott, Dabizas, O’Brien, Speed, Solano, Lee, Shearer, Bellamy, Robert (Bernard)
Aston Villa: Schmeichel, Delaney, Wright, Staunton, Alpay, Boateng, Hadji, Hendrie (Taylor), Angel (Dublin), Vassell, Kachloul
Goal Scorer: Bellamy (2), Shearer

02.04.02 (A) FT 1-1 (1st Half 1-1) Attd. 36,597
Newcastle: Given, Hughes, Distin, Dabizas, O’Brien, Jenas, Solano, Dyer, Shearer, Cort (Acuna), Robert (Bernard)
Aston Villa: Schmeichel, Delaney, Barry, Mellberg, Staunton, Boateng (Stone), Taylor, Hitzlsperger, Crouch (Balaban), Angel, Hadji (Vassell)
Goal Scorer: Shearer. Villa: Crouch

2002-2003 Season
07.12.02 (A) FT 1-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 33,446
Newcastle: Given, Griffin, Bernard, O’Brien, Hughes, Jenas, Solano, Dyer, Shearer, Bellamy, Robert
Aston Villa: Enckelman, Mellberg, Barry (Kinsella), Dublin (Angel), Vassell, Hitzlsperger, De la Cruz, Hendrie, Samuel, Johnsen, Leonhardsen
Goal Scorer: Shearer

21.04.03 (H) FT 1-1 (1st Half 1-0) Attd. 52,015
Newcastle: Given, Griffin, Hughes, Woodgate (Bramble), O’Brien, Viana, Solano, Dyer, Shearer (Amoebi), Bellamy, Bernard (Lua Lua)
Aston Villa: Enckelman, Mellberg, Barry (Whittingham), Vassell, Staunton, Hitzlsperger (Dublin), Allback, Samuel, Johnsen, Leonhardsen, Edwards(Taylor)
Gola Scoere: Newcastle: Solano. Villa: Dublin

2003-2004 Season
01.11.03 (H) FT 1-1 (1st Half 1-1) Attd. 51,975
Newcastle: Given, Hughes, Bernard, Caldwell, Bramble, Speed, Bowyer, Jenas, Shearer, Ameobi, Robert
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Barry, Samuel, Delaney, de la Cruz (Moore), Johnsen, McCann, Hitzlsperger, Whittingham, Dublin, Angel (Allback)
Goal Scorer: Newcastle: Robert. Villa: Dublin

18.04.04 (A) FT 0-0 (1st Half 0-0) Attd. 40,786
Newcastle: Given, Hughes, Bernard, O’Brien, Woodgate, Speed; Dyer, Jenas (Bowyer), Shearer, Bellamy (Bridges), Robert (Viana)
Aston Villa: Sorensen, De la Cruz, Samuel, Johnsen (Ridgewell), Mellberg, Hitzlsperger, Solano (Whittingham), Hendrie, Crouch (Allback), Vassell, Barry

2004-2005 Season
28.08.04 (A) FT 2-4 (1st Half 2-1) Attd. 36,305
Newcastle: Given, Carr, Bernard (Elliott 73), Hughes, O’Brien, Butt, Bowyer (Ameobi 76), Jenas, Kluivert (Shearer 76), Bellamy, Robert
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Samuel, Delaney, Mellberg, De la Cruz, Hitzlsperger (Hendrie 59), Solano, McCann, Vassell (Moore 86), Cole (Angel 69), Barry
Gola Scorers: Newcastle: Kluivert, O’Brien. Villa: Mellberg, Cole, Barry, Angel

02.04.05 (H) FT 0-3 (1st Half 0-1) Attd. 52,306
Newcastle: Given, Carr, Hughes, Boumsong, O’Brien (Taylor 52), Butt, Bowyer, Jenas (Ameobi 63), Shearer, Dyer, Robert (Faye 84)
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Delaney, Barry, Mellberg (Ridgewell 45), Samuel, Laursen, Hendrie (Solano 84), Davis, Angel (Cole 88), Vassell, Hitzlsperger
Goal Scorers: Angel, Barry 2 (2p)

2005-2006 Season
03.12.05 (H) FT 1-1 (1st Half 1-0) Attd. 52,267
Newcastle: Given, Ramage, Elliott, Boumsong, Bramble, Parker, Solano (Bowyer 87), Faye, Shearer, Ameobi, Chopra (Luque 81)
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Hughes, Barry, Mellberg, Bouma, Ridgewell, McCann, Hendrie, Angel (Moore 62), Baros, Davis (Bakke 61)
Goal Scorer: Shearer (32; p). Villa: McCann (75)

11.02.06 (A) FT 2-1 (1st Half 2-1) Attd. 37,140
Newcastle: Given, Ramage, Babayaro, Bramble, Boumsong, Parker, Solano (Elliott 66), Emre, Shearer, Ameobi (Dyer 69), N’Zogbia (Bowyer 85)
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Hughes, Samuel, Delaney, Mellberg, Barry, Gardner (Ridgewell 59), Hendrie(Baros 55), Moore, Phillips (Angel 55), Whittingham
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Ameobi (2), N’Zogbia (29). Villa: Moore (16)

2006-2007 Season
27.08.06 (A) FT 0-2 (1st Half 0-2) Attd. 35,141
Newcastle: Given, Carr, Babayaro (N’Zogbia 46), Bramble, Moore, Parker, Solano (Luque 46), Emre (Butt 56), Martins, Milner, Duff
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Hughes, Whittingham, Mellberg, Ridgewell, Barry, Agbonlahor, Davis, Angel, McCann, Moore
Goal Scorers: Villa: Moore (3), Angel (38)

31.01.07 (H) FT 3-1 (1st Half 2-1) Attd. 49,201
Newcastle: Harper, Carr, Huntington, Bramble, Taylor, Butt (Sibierski 33), Milner, Dyer, Martins, Parker, Duff
Aston Villa: Sorensen, Bardsley, Bouma (Angel 85), Mellberg, Cahill, Barry, McCann, Petrov, Carew (Berger 69), Young, Agbonlahor
Goal Scorers: Newcastle: Milner (5), Dyer (7), Sibierski (90). Villa: Young (25)

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