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Newcastle United

Who Are Newcastle United’s Five Biggest Rivals?

Greatness attracts rivalry, that much is clear, and the examples are abundant: Holmes and Moriarty, Beatles and Stones, Star Wars and Star Trek. In sports, especially in football, this is

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Newcastle United Premier League Predictions – Triumphs or Losses

There are not many clubs which can be promoted to the Premier League and do well in their first season and still remain competitive. That means that a certain club

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How to Watch the English Premier League in Australia

Watching football abroad is often a problem for some regions, simply because local television will not broadcast matches from another continent. This is one of the reasons Australia has problems

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Ayoze Perez is leaving Newcastle United for Leicester City

The Spanish professional footballer we all know and love called Ayoze Perez is leaving Newcastle United. This bit of news came as a surprise, as he played for the club

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Newcastle United force awakens at White Hart Lane 0

Newcastle’s back-to-back wins and third successive league victory at White Hart Lane coming from a thrilling counter-attacking force as we’re chasing from a goal down in the first half to

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