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Newcastle United

What’s next for Newcastle United?

As the season progresses, Newcastle United’s journey continues to captivate fans and onlookers alike, while they continue to bet on the results of their games almost as much as they

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Why do football fans love playing FIFA?

Football fans have been playing FIFA since the game’s release in 1993. The game is a popular sport simulation that allows players to experience all the action of professional football

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Newcastle United – 2022 Recap

Newcastle United are a Premier League club and although they’re not one of the biggest in the world, they do have a pretty good following. In fact, they’re one of

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What is Happening with the Newcastle United Takeover?

After news broke that Mike Ashley finally agreed on selling Newcastle United, all the Geordies broke up in cheers. The club has been struggling during Ashley’s rule and has even

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St. James’ Park to Host an England Euro 2020 Warm-Up Match

For every fan of football, most of who like to use promotional codes like the codes found on sports betting nz, hosting an international match where your own national team

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