Newcastle United vs Spurs, Post-Match Reviews

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What kind of passion that brings you in to become a Toon fans? What is the more important thing for you as a Toon Army, the team perform attacking football but get lost in-the-end or playing a “boring” tactical style of play and win?

Well, it is certainly satisfying the most if we can combine both things into one perfect solid performance with a three-points result each game. The fact is we can’t and to be honest rare to find one.

Let’s look at this way. On one good example of the great attacking style of play, Barça is probably offering the things you wanted to see, but I don’t really think that they can guarantee a win each game.

Now for something that is more tactically “boring” performance, the Bundesliga teams has plenty to offers, Bayern Munich probably one good example, or the Italian giants such as AC Milan or Juventus. They’re also can’t guarantee a win for each game.

Now in terms of last night performance from Newcastle United, the game was resulting two sides of supporter reactions, although was not general opinions but I see it as an honest opinion from the most passionate supporters.

One side thought it was a no good football game to watch, while the other side think it was fair enough as long as the result is a win.

Since the first day issue of we are getting Sam Allardyce as the new manager for United, the reactions were interesting. I even have an email from Bolton’s fan and he told me that Newcastle will have the most “boring” style of play.

Well, imho no matter what kind of passion that brings you in to become a Toon Army, we are all the greatest supporters the world ever had. No matter what kind of style we’re playing, no matter what result it would be, we keep coming back for more.

We never stop believin’ that someday, somewhere, somehow the Toon will get the silverwares.

In terms of the lads performance, eye-witnesses reporting that we have seen a new star is born. Jose Enrique showing a very promising full-back talent which is something we have been missing for long.

Last night, we have seen a solid back-four who plays as the real back-four. They also give a bonus for the St. James crowd as two of them are involved in scoring goals, one assist from Enrique and one great goal from Cacapa.

Now, what do you expecting more? It’s very human if you are not satisfied by the lack of attacking entertainment. It’s also fair enough if you think no matter how they play, as long as we win that prove we did a good play.

Both reactions are good, and in fact showing a variety which is good for the team development. I think Big Sam is clever enough to give instructions to the lads in terms of how they should play against any spesific team.

So…We are one, We are still United, we are the Toon Army! Howay the Lads!!!

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  1. rangga yudha
    October 23, 10:41 #1 rangga yudha

    discipline is the key!

    NUFC still must improve their ‘staying power’ after they leading the match,

    frequently NUFC will become soft after lead the opposite, the recent bad example is when NUFC got beaten by citeh..

    boring play is just opinion, win results are factual –

    facts are what its counts so does win

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