Newcastle Supporters Are the Most Loyal Football Fans

by shearyadi | November 27, 2007 9:29 pm

Do I need to say more about this? For those who are other Premier League club supporters must say I’m insane or being arrogant just like how the Croatian coach commented on Michael Owen’s statement about none of Croatia players will have the chance to play for England squad.

Newcastle United are close to selling out the Darwen End at Ewood Park for Saturday’s game against Blackburn Rovers, The official club said. United are travelling to Ewood Park next weekend without any single win in four games, but still the lads will have the backing of around 5,000 fans.

Steve mcClaren probably can be proud of the England fans when he managed to get 4,000 supporters to Austria when England team making their suicidal friendly match which caused them loosing Michael Owen and the ticket for Euro 2008.

But for Newcastle United’s Mighty Toon Army, no matter what happens to the team on their last game, they always giving them a 200% support for the next fixture, because supporting Newcastle United through thick and thin are wor duty.

“We will have somewhere between 5,000 – 6,000 fans at Blackburn, and to have that number is fantastic,” said Allardyce, “It’s just further evidence of the passion our supporters have for their club. It’s amazing.”

Oh yeah Mr. Allardyce, we will shout out loud at you again if the team playing another negative football. We shout at you because we love the team and hoping you will be the next successful manager for United. We encourage you to do your best, make us happy.

Allardyce said the numbers of Toon Army who will be travelling across to Blackburn makes the team more determined to do well for them, and that’s something he will be reminding to all Newcastle players in the build up to the game.

Newcastle next opponent, Ninth-placed Blackburn, have been beaten just once on home game this season, and the team who beat them is Portsmouth with 1-0 win at Ewood Park in September. United will try to catch their second away win for this season after having a great start at Bolton on the opening match this summer.

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