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Newcastle Players

Barton Apologize Accepted, But Have to Wait for a Start

Joey Barton may have risk after charged with assault and affray for an incident outside a McDonald’s restaurant in his hometown of Liverpool on December 27. Although he has been

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Martins, Our New “Right Winger” Can’t Pass

I am absolutely sick of him and don’t rate him at all. I’m not blaming todays result on him either. I’m not making excuses. But instead of agreeing with everyone

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We Are All Playing For The Black-and-White Shirt

All Newcastle players should realise now what does it means for the Geordies faithful to see the lads performing well and showing the passion for football, the one they have

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Congratulations to the New Born Luka Rozehnal

Newcastle United new boys, David Rozehnal is having a new boy this week in Newcastle on Wednesday. The Czech star is targetting his first goal for Newcastle on Sunday and

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New Praise for Youngster N’Zogbia

N’Zogbia once ever told that he wants to leave Newcastle United and join other club that he feels would be better for his carreer and can help him developed into

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