Newcastle Final Countdown in summer transfer window

August 27 01:16 2008 Print This Article

The window closes on Sept 1 this year, which is next Monday, after being extended by one day because the 31st August falls on a Sunday. 8 days left, what’s going to happen? Keegan speaks of at least 2, hopefully 3, more players coming in.


Rather confusingly, he has also said that he thinks that Colo is the “wow” signing, although my reading of Ashley’s contribution on the subject was that we would sign Colo AND there would be other “wow” signing.

Ashley may of course just have been trying to sell tickets (that’s exactly what he was doing actually) but it’s never been noted for the Toon board to make false claims has it? It’s a tad worrying – actually a lot worrying – that KK and Ashley seem to be singing from entirely different hymnsheets and the communication at the top of SJP is once again called into question by this difference.

Much will depend presumably on the wheeler-dealing that goes on this week. If A joins team X then that will release B who is wanted by team Z and so on and so forth, until in a game of musical chairs, the music will finally stop next Monday night leaving us hopefully with 2 or 3 players set to lift this campaign which has got off to a promising, if not totally convincing start.


Who do we want/need? Another defender, a creative midfield player and a striker are the 3 that most on here agree we need. Saviola has said he will come if Madrid don’t want him, Malouda of Chelsea is also mentioned. I guess that both of those names depend on Robinho staying at Madrid or going to Chelsea.


Another exciting name mentioned is that of Riquelme. Fabulous player – the creative spark that is needed, but seems to have some questionable baggage which apparently forced his return to South America.

Doubtless Wise, Jimenez and Vetere are jetting about as we speak. KK is meeting Ashley (in London – yawn) on Wednesday, which is not going to leave much time if transfers are on the agenda.

Certainly Owen’s contract IS said to be on the agenda. Might we sell him if he looks unlikely to sign? This should certainly have been resolved before this final crucial few days of the window. Anyway – some food for thought there.

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  1. toon raghav
    August 27, 11:55 #1 toon raghav

    MA shud probably leave wid milner too.the squad is too thin to coe wid the whole season.things dont seem to be going right,still hoping we will get few players in by the deadline

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