Manchester United 6 (0) – Newcastle United 0 (0) – Postmortem

by shearyadi | January 12, 2008 10:15 pm

When two United with different class meet last night, the only possible result was another heavy defeat for one of them, and without have to think hard it was for Newcastle.

But, as a Newcastle fan no matter how predictable the result is, it was still hurt me badly to see how the team going on so far after last Wednesday’s Big Sam parted company with Newcastle. I was wondering what the result would be if we still have Sam “stubborn manager with ugly tactics” Allardyce in charge.

You may say it was no different, and we will still lose the game even with Big Sam. I agree, but maybe we will not suffered with six goals and with a bit of luck we may even can managed to have a draw.

Despite of have playing bad as they say, we can held them in first-half and with a bit of luck Michael Owen’s goal will not disallowed. But in the second-half it proves that continuity and experience are all that matters. They were the better team in terms of continuity, experienced manager.

And what about Toon Army? What I’m going to say now is may not be popular and will sounds negative but I was thinking for the last 10 years, we were dragged us down into the level of “Glory Hunters” and worst than that, we have directors who wants “Instant Success” and trying every possible way including “Buy It Now” options.

Now, I only can say…May God Help Us All

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