Liverpool vs Newcastle, Want To Know What Happened?

March 08 13:20 2008 Print This Article

Disappointed? YES! Feeling Hurt? DEFINETELY! Have anything to hope for from our current team squad? Maybe YES, maybe NOT.

Honestly, I didn’t expecting us to win the game today and was very sure that we will get beaten, but I do hope we lose the game in dignity, with pride and give them something to fight for. But the truth is we give another easy win just like we did to them in our home game.

Newcastle is the team to go for if any other Premier League team want to have points these days. Hate to say it but that’s the reality we have to face and I didn’t blame Keegan for the straight losts.

These players we had did not show enough courage and self-belief even when we have won any game this whole season. Jermaine Pennant’s goal on 41 minutes was totally a fluke, the Spanish player we have is not in the same quality as the other Spaniards in Liverpool team.

Enrique should have put the ball out for a corner kick instead of trying to pass it and the ball get straight into Pennant’s foot before going into our own net where Harper is as helpless to handle. Ok, that was one of our bad luck as Keegan said during his post-match interview, but Fernando Torres goal on 44 minutes was totally a joke.

Things are even get worst for us to see James Milner limped from the action in first half after kicked the foot of Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder Lucas. Keegan said we will have to wait and see before assessing Milner’s injury and hopefully that he didn’t suffered any worst than a minor bruising.

And it’s clear to see that King Kev was far from happy with today’s display. We are worst today than what we have been in Blackburn’s match.

“It was disappointing and nowhere near good enough,” KK said “We have gone behind to an unfortunate goal when Enrique has tried to clear. But the second goal was a poor one to concede and going in 2-0 at half-time is different.”

Now, we are still just three points above the drop zone but Reading who win 2-0 at home to useless Manchester City are now move above us with goal different.

If we still to have any confident remains of staying in the top flight, it’s depend on our next fixture against Birmingham which is totally crucial one.

“We’ve got easier games to come but the attitude and commitment will have to be spot on,” Keegan said “We don’t play until a week Monday and we’ve got time to pick everyone up.”

“The only result what matters is your own and I think that we’ve got more than enough in our dressing room to get the necessary points.”

Newcastle Team Scores:
Harper: ?
Beye: Looks bewildered.
Enrique: Looks lost.
Taylor: Slowly breaking apart.
Faye: Head goes down.
Butt: Fucking dreadful.
Smith: Shocking.
Milner: Knackered.
Duff: Disgraceful.
N’Zogbia: Already at Spurs.
Owen: Pitiful.
Martins: A bit of hope.

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  1. Nenad in Belgrade
    March 09, 01:20 #1 Nenad in Belgrade

    It’s the way we’re totally predictable that gets on my nerves. Any half-decent side can beat us easily, and if things stay like this, I see no way Birmingham not doing the same.

    Alan Smith and Nicky Butt MUST be left out of the staring eleven!!!!!

  2. Relax Max
    March 09, 12:31 #2 Relax Max

    I stumbled across your blog today in my entrecard travels. You have inspired me to finally try to learn the language that people in the UK, Australia, Canada, and India speak. Accordingly, I have just opened a new blog to facilitate the compiling of a much needed Britishspeak dictionary. Won’t you visit and clear up the first two items that inspired my new blog? Thanks.

  3. F1Wolf
    March 09, 02:12 #3 F1Wolf

    I hope you make it and stay up, but to see Michael Owen playing in Championship is an interesting proposition …

  4. shearyadi
    March 09, 07:32 #4 shearyadi Author

    I don’t think we want Michael Owen at the moment, he is already upsetting us too much this season, and I also don’t see him will staying if we’re relegated 🙂

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