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As ever, the Mackems envy to Newcastle United success has made them trying what they can to bring us down and as many as they ever try the results are often not what they want it to be. The latest example was yesterday when some sad mackems trying to humiliate me and my blog by placing an advert using their club badge.

They have succeeded for a while because I set auto approval for every advertisers who want to place their advert here (not anymore), but of course not the one from mackems. Their badge was here for around three hours before I cancel the ad and block them for trying the same thing again.

Do I feel angry? Not at all, and as you can read on my post that day, I even say thank you very,very,very much for the free traffic they brought to my blog. More than 600 hits and 750+ page views in just three hours, wow…it was the highest record ever for this blog who just starting last summer. That was a pleasant experience, and surprisingly…it’s a gift from the mackems, how nice đŸ™‚

I was once even think to let the badge here until my other reguler advertisers make the highest bid and replace it automatically, but after listening to what my Toon mate said, I better take it off and I take his advice to make every new adverts should have my approval first.

But not today, after reading their filthy Sunderland Echo saying the bitter experience has taught the Mackems to expect the worst; for the Geordies, one win after six defeats would mean a challenge for the Champions League is on. I was asking for myself, who’s on earth that Geordie (if there’s any) who said we can have Champions League with one win after six defeats.

In fact, it’s written in the stars that mackems can only prepare for the worst, and it was only for the Geordies who can expecting the challenge for Champions League is on (we will try again next season) as we have been there couple times. Mackems are having difficulty to make proper judgement, jealous and so full with hate, nevermind…that was their natural habits anyway.

Time and patience is in short supply from the Geordie public when it comes to their managers delivering. And yet they showed infinite patience with former manager replacement, Kevin Keegan, who took over in the New Year.

Oh yes, we can have infinite patience for King Kevin Keegan because we know he is capable to give us what we wanted and not that previous manager. I write here again, I was a fool to have faith for BFSA at first place.

Next they write this: The national hysteria and bed-wetting from the media – Sky Sports in particular – was embarrassing to watch as people who should know better went all gooey-eyed about a story which essentially boiled down to: “failed manager takes over mid-table team”.

Well, at least wor Keegan never had to break through the opponents director office like their rookie manager did just to show his stupid out of control, disturbing anger, when his team have a game with any controversial decision from the referee đŸ˜‰ By the way, The national hysteria and bed-wetting from the media – Sky Sports in particular – wow…interesting one, so they don’t see them as one of those national hysteria and bed-wetting from the media? Maybe not about Kevin Keegan, how about Keano?

About Keegan need 10 games to win a match and, along the way, his side conceded six and then five to Manchester United, three to Arsenal (twice) and four to Aston Villa. Well, once again, we see that as his lessons to learn about what you people of the media said the changes of today’s league game. But, the correct one, Keegan didn’t lose 6 goals against ManU, on that game it was Nigel Pearson who took in charge.

At least as they said on their website, the mackems public were concerned, the Entertainers were back! Thank you, finally you can see it and for the very first time from all the things that you write on the article…mackems can think.

Oh, and for the very last one, they end the story with a question: Europe anyone? OH YES, WE’D LOVE TO AND WE WILL BE THERE SOON!

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  1. Mark
    April 20, 10:17 #1 Mark

    Congratulations on a great win for the best team in Geordieland today!

  2. Stuart Dugdale
    May 31, 03:45 #2 Stuart Dugdale

    I as a devout Sunderland fan have just read your article and would like to say it’s the biggest pile of trype I have ever read and would ask if you could send me compensation for my time as I will never get it back you thick deluded Geordie cretin.

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