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Kevin Keegan

Maybe they should not have come or leave the Toon in first place 0

Who are they? For me, one of them has been proved very usefull and has set his heart to build very well relationships with the Toon Army, while the other

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The first comedy fact has been told about Newcastle United future 0

I will not wrote about today’s match as you may already know that we were shite and down 1-2, thanks to the “whole new future of football management” invented by

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Proof that Newcastle United hierarchy decision to keep Kevin Keegan is right 2

Dear all, after the official statement about Keegan stay as Newcastle United manager, I made a small research about what happens to the world wide web during the speculation of

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Kevin Keegan Stay as the Manager of Newcastle United 5

Thanks God! Finally after some very depressing hours that almost blow up this world, the official club has made the statement that the Messiah is still Newcastle United manager for

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Sign Up if you love the TOON, re-United for KEVIN KEEGAN 15

Although no cinfirmation or the club official statement so far about the future of King Kev, but the press are all over the world reporting the news about his resignation

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