Keegan and Shearer On Board, Sink Or Swim

January 20 23:36 2008 Print This Article

At present, both have the most influence in Newcastle United’s recent history and their own egos probably the oil and water who are hard to mixed in together.

While the possibility is seems miles away, the pairing of King Kev and Big Al would perform a dream team only if each one of them can think of one goal which is the most successful Newcastle United.

At the moment, the media report suggesting that Shearer was deeply hurt by the non-appearance of the man who he adores since his childhood on his testimonial match. Keegan has said the reason why he didn’t make it that day as he was on a holiday in United States with his family.

“I couldn’t come to Alan’s testimonial (against Celtic) because I was on a family holiday in the States. Things like that, sadly, may have affected him, but it hasn’t affected me and I want to talk with him and I will.” Said Keegan, “It’s possibly true that it did offend him in some way, but for me to fly all the way from America…I wouldn’t have expected him to do that for me. But maybe I’m thinking like I think and maybe it did offend him.”

And correct me if I’m wrong on this, but as far as my old brain can remember, Kevin Keegan is haven’t got his own Newcastle United testimonial match and he may have the answer if Shearer would attend the game or not if King Kev is going to have one in the future.

Later on, Keegan said he has telephoned Alan Shearer first on Friday before Alan’s fly to Uganda to record a series of BBC Sport Relief programs. More detailed talks still need to take place about Shearer’s position at the club and what Keegan had in mind, which is unlikely to make the former England international a fully-fledged number two.

King Kev has appointed Arthur Cox, his former Newcastle manager when first signing for United in 1982, in an advisory capacity at the club. The 69-year-old was a former assistant of Keegan, and also have worked together with Keegan when he’s the manager at Fulham and England.

And regarding to Alan Shearer’s commitment, Keegan said that he has other obligations and commitments to the BBC, while United chairman Chris Mort’s opinion has added further complicated issue between the two strong North East club’s figures.

Mort insists at the very beginning that Shearer must get experience first with any football team before he can become the next Newcastle manager. And to this matter, Keegan believes Shearer is his perfect successor one day.

“I had a conversation with Alan when he was in his last year at the club – I think we were playing golf somewhere – and we were talking about management and the manager’s job at Newcastle came up, as it always does. And I said to him ‘It will come for you one day, you don’t have to go looking for it’.”

So, in conclusion to this I didn’t see it would work out fine between Keegan and Shearer at the moment. It will be later on the next steps, but definetely not in the very short time.

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