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Joe Kinnear

Shay will Given Up his loyalty for glory? I don’t think so 3

After 11 and half years as Newcastle United number one, the press are buzzing up about his retirements from the Black-and-White’s Army. Nothing is certain, but to tell he’s going

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Happy New Year news from Newcastle United 1

Joe Kinnear has been forced to accept a New Year’s ‘Special Gift’, don’t have enough fit players on his Newcastle squad that makes him cancel-out Toon normal training on the

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Newcastle United also have “Houdini” in progress 1

If our former Premierships bottom fellow team has claimed to have a “Harry Houdini” working for them, we can say the same thing today after satisfying result against Aston Villa.

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Rob Lee hopes Mike Ashley to end his bitter feud with Toon supporters 0

If the former Newcastle United midfielder, Rob Lee, believes that Mike Ashley should halt his bitter feud and offering a peace decalaration with Newcastle United’s supporters, he just wants to

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