James Milner handling official transfer fee request to Newcastle United

August 27 09:26 2008 Print This Article

The first three words that come up on my mind were WTF!!! The Club official site said to be very disappointed that James sees his footballing future as being away from St. James’ Park, while in my personal opinion, there’s nothing we can do about things like this, so be it!


More of the club statement mentioning about how He is a valued member of the squad and it is only a year ago that he signed an improved long-term contract. For me that is clearly shows us who is the real James Milner is.

Soon after reading the club statement, there were plenty of arguments among the Toon Army that something is fishy about his transfer request. Some said that Keegan should be telling him the “big ship about to sail, do you want to be on it?” story, while not less of them are questioning about how many times he looked good against a strong team, and if we can get £10 million from selling him out, we should take it.

As on further of the club statement, Newcastle have not yet to receive an offer for James that has matched our valuation of him, while someone said to have seen a Villa delegation last night at Ricoh Arena.

So, until the club receive any official transfer offer for Milner’s service, he is still a Toon players, and we pay his wages so he must do his job. And if he really want to leave, he better double his motivation by performing well against Arsenal this weekend, and if he doesn’t, none will put their money on him and sign him away from SJP.

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  1. sukmono
    August 27, 21:50 #1 sukmono

    Shocking.. absolutely shocking.. still couldn’t believe what I’m seeing

  2. Shearyadi
    August 28, 04:22 #2 Shearyadi

    What you see is the reality of a player who doesn’t have loyalty to his club, and I’m glad to see he’s being a gentlemen to send official request rather than grumbling to the press. Goodbye then!

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