It is Not the End of the World Even If We Have to Go Down

March 02 08:50 2008 Print This Article

Yesterday was another sad result for all of us, we really don’t deserve the lost if we look at how we’re playing and how many chances we have in both half.

But as Keegan said in the match interview, this is football and sometimes things are gone wrong and we’re not the lucky side to win the game. Frankly, I was having tears in my eyes after the final whistle and prepare myself for the worst thing next season, a year in the first division.

Keegan said Newcastle’s eagerness to get a late winner when we have the corner yesterday may have cost us the heartbreaking last-minute defeat against Rovers.

“It was genuineness in trying to win a game that caught us out. And while we are disappointed, we don’t want to be too hard on them.” Keegan said, “When you lose a game you know you should have won it’s very disappointing – but we will pick them up and turn them around.”

And today, Newcastle chairman has speak to Sportsweek program that Keegan still has full support from United board in doing a difficult job. Chris Mort said KK wasn’t brought in because Newcastle were doing well.

Mort also commented on the story in the Daily Mail about the signing of Hughton was actually without Keegan’s knowledge is complete rubbish. The fact is Keegan actually initiated the appointement and was the first to contact Hughton about the recruitment.

Later on. Chris Mort said the club owner Mike Ashley had no intention to tried to sell the club which he bought last summer from the previous chairman. People have called and said are you interested in selling and he says no every time.  Ashley is happy to be the owner of Newcastle and he is not encouraging Mort to sell.

The club chairman understand that Kevin Keegan wants more depth in squad. He said that Keegan and his staff are keep identifying any potential players but until the summer they are not going to talk about who we’re bringing in.

KK enjoying being in Newcastle as much as he did the last time, and once the football turns round Keegan and mostly the supporters will be thoroughly enjoying it.

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