I Will Always Follow the Magpie Till I Die

March 20 04:55 2008 Print This Article

My dear Toon Army and my other internet friends, thanks for the support for this blog so far and for all your comment to the posts, I really appreciate it and encourage you to keep doing it and please do correct me if I’m wrong.

Today, I have a very interesting comment from my latest Toon friend Sandy. She ( or he? ) has write a cool comment for my post about our new chairman Chris Mort and the club owner Mike Ashley. To Sandy, I’m sorry if my post is steering more negativity to our beloved Newcastle United, but to be honest I only want to say what’s on my mind.

My dear Sandy, if you read my post again carefully, you will see that in personal I don’t say they are not knowing anything about football, in fact I feel it’s funny that from the Guardian article, they said that Mike Ashley decision to get Keegan back was only because we told him to.

And my opinion about Chris Mort, I feel bad to read that he is surprising that we are in the relegation battle now and feels that this is not what he and Mike thought when buy out the club.

According to my humble perception, he is saying that Newcastle United situation now is nothing to do with his or Ashley’s decision in running this club. There’s so many factors I guess that possibly drag us into this relegation threat.

First of all, the former manager. I was personally supporting him all the way (please browse more pages on this blog and you will find it) but later, when he denied to take any reponsibility for any mistake that he’s been doing in managing Newcastle I lost my respect to him.

And in January, when Mike decided to ask Mort to sack BSA, many of the Toon Army think it was a good decision, but there are many of us also think it was bad decision and not in the right time. It was good decision if Mike is already knows (for sure) who is the new gaffer to replaced BSA, but I think he is not.

I also agree with Sandy about what the Toon Army wanted is 110% attacking football, and I was the one who is in tears when I read about the Messiah is back in Toon, I have a special page dedicated to him. I will always supporting Keegan and that’s why I write on my last post: I will said Mike and Chris knows nothing about football if they don’t give KK a massive funds to rebuild this club.

Once again, I’m sorry if this post is another negative thought, I was the same as everyone who is supporting United and was so passionate for this club more than anything. This site will always be Magpies Zone and will never be Smoggies Zone.

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  1. Mark
    March 20, 12:58 #1 Mark

    It’s great to know that you support your team through thick and thin. I know Newcastle are going through a bad patch at the moment and loyal fans are a big boost to any club.I will support my unfashionable club (Gillingham)till I die and will always be loyal and put up with the ribbing.

  2. shearyadi
    March 20, 13:50 #2 shearyadi Author

    Hi Mark, thanks for your comment of support.

    You’re right, loyal fans like you and me are the most important to any club. Everyone has the passion to his/her club, so keep supporting Gillingham no matter what other said about your team.

    We’re not glory hunters, right mate?

  3. hendrik
    March 20, 23:46 #3 hendrik

    i’ll stand beside u bro
    loyalty is the best

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