How Many Foreign Players We Have This Season?

November 06 15:24 2007 Print This Article

This is a very-very interesting news. FIFA and the world players union FIFPro have announced plans to bring in new regulations to limit the number of foreign players in domestic club sides. And guess who has taken it very seriously and will have to fight against it? The answer is Arsene Wenger and his “100% Import” team.

But then, I’m also concerned about our team, how many Englishman so far in our first team squad? Are we going to suffer too if the new rules from FIFA is reach the final conclusion.

From last Saturday match we are fielded Steve Harper (English), Steven Taylor (English), Claudio Caçapa (Brazil), Abdoulaye Faye (Senegal), Jose Enrique (Spain), Charles N’Zogbia (France), Nicky Butt (English), Joey Barton (English), James Milner (English), Alan Smith (English), Michael Owen (English), 7 players out of 11 are Englishmen and if they are being well prepared, we have a solid team to anticipate the new FIFA rules.

Wenger, started last Saturday’s draw against United without an Englishman in his team, and mostly he only have 2 or 3 at the most every game. No wonder then he’s screaming about the FIFA plans as “completely ridiculous”. Well, eat that out Mr. Wenger!

Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president, has announced he will lobbying the idea for restricting the number of foreign players to just five in each team throughout Europe to protect the national interests of each country.

Wenger felt no coach “at the highest level” would think Blatter’s proposal was a good idea and find the whole proposal completely ridiculous.

“The thinking behind it, I believe, is to protect the national teams. But it won’t protect the best players, it will protect the mediocre ones and you don’t win a World Cup with mediocre players, you win it with world-class ones.”

Well, I hope you didn’t mean that most English players are mediocre ones and don’t have any world-class players, so you will not use them for your team, if that’s what you mean, you’re heading into quite serious problem Mr. Wenger, not from the FIFA but first you will have to face all the country men (who is a non Arsenal fans) and the FA.

“FIFA are wrong if they think this will improve International football.” He added more. Well, ‘Professor’ I think you need to wear sunglasses, a big one and read the FIFA proposal once again, spell it word by word and think or open an English dictionary if you are not sure about the difference between ‘National’ and ‘International’.

More ridiculously he add an example of the Argentinian rugby players who have all their players playing in Europe. I can see he is in real panic situation now, he cannot think well, his mouth and brain was disconnected each other. Read more…the next quote is very interesting one.

“I don’t believe one football coach at the highest level would say it’s a good idea. A football coach is always confronted-with the same problem – he wants to reward good players.”

Reward good players? Sure that’s true and who doesn’t want to. But, to rewards good players doesn’t mean to buy all available foreign players into your own squad, you have to keep in mind that you are the manager of an English team. Interesting, very interesting to see what would happened next. Going down Wenger!

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  1. rangga yudha
    November 07, 03:37 #1 rangga yudha

    huehueh with “le’arsenale” dominating EPL this year, and england might be not qualified for Euro’08, England must fully complied with this future FIFA regulation

    give more local players chances to play. to regenerate the national team stocks and qualities.

  2. bli wedhooz
    November 08, 23:59 #2 bli wedhooz

    wow, nice regulation, is FIFA cartel or something? and what? do they really believe that ameobi will improve himself if he get the chance? wake up!!
    for england players, cut your price, lower your wage and work harder and maybe you get the chance to play, and if its not working, maybe you guys could think about going abroad, indonesian club will definitely welcome you here, except that you may not be paid for couple month and you must learn some martial arts to be able to survive.
    oh.. one more, change your manager, find one who recognize that lampard and gerrard cant be put together..

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