Honeymoon is Over, You are in Big Trouble

by shearyadi | November 4, 2007 3:28 am

What makes you become a good leader? Good leaders will take all the responsibilities on their shoulders, you wouldn’t blame others. The captain will be the last man to jump off the ship.

I will give the most respect if you admit it as your mistakes, and besides of the defensive errors that some of your players did yesterday, you will said that it was part of your fault to have not preparing them well enough to face the situation like that.

“If it’s great play by the opposition then you hold your hands up, but when it boils down to two basic errors there’s very little that a manager can do. Their first goal was a stunning, stunning goal, but after that it was basic errors.”

Stop saying there’s very little that a manager can do, that put more shame on you because even very little managers can do, you have just said that there’s someone else can do about it but you don’t.

Allardyce replacing his Brazilian centre-back Cacapa after 17 minutes and explained: “I wanted to make a change. We needed to get somebody off in the back four – it had looked so out of sorts. At least we brought a bit of solidarity back. David Rozehnal I thought did reasonably well.”

Just for a reminder, Cacapa was highly praised and have been made off as a good sample for other defenders, but yesterday I feel sorry for him that he was the worst thing to happened for two goals from Portsmouth. Not to mentioned his pre-match interview saying about getting Newcastle back in Champions league.

Well, I feel now it’s the time for all Newcastle players to stop saying anything to the press, they are much better just doing the practice like any soldiers would do. Their place is in the training ground, not acting like celebrities. Play your best, prove it on the field, win the games!

Now, the clock is ticking before the bomb explode. Next week will be the last test for Big Sam and his team. I don’t think there will be anymore excuse if we lost it. You are in Big, very big trouble now regarding to Mike Ashley reaction yesterday. He will think that the current results are bad for his business, and if he wants a good business it means that Newcastle should start flying before its too late.

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